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What if we suddenly devolved back to our simian roots -- would things really be so different? Media within the world of “Aaaaaaaah!” is also subjected to a mischievous form of reductio ad absurdum, whereby the basic tropes of recognizable forms of popular entertainment are amplified until they are revealed in their true ridiculous light. I love films that are seriously different. Explaining why is not going to be easy. Subscribe now for monthly editions, awards season weeklies, access to the Screen International archive and supplements including Stars of Tomorrow and World of Locations. Very Fripp. Cinema reopening dates around the world: latest updates, 2020 film festivals and markets: latest dates, postponements and cancellations, Coronavirus film and TV latest: follow Screen’s coverage, The Match Factory boards Lukas Dhont’s ‘Close’ for international sales (exclusive), Cathy Brady, ‘Another Round’ lead BFI London Film Festival winners, Gabriel Yared on scoring ‘Betty Blue’, working with Minghella and being fired from ‘Troy’, The award-winning composers of ‘Joker’ and ‘Get Out’ on improving diversity in their industry, Stars of Tomorrow One-to-One: ​Maxine Peake & Paul Mescal, Karlovy Vary unveils details of slimmed-down 2020 physical event, ‘Tenet’ leads UK box office for eighth week as top five takings drop 39%, ‘Demon Slayer’ leads global box office with record-breaking $44m Japan debut, China box office: ‘My People, My Homeland’ reaches $360m on third weekend, European Film Awards unveils four animation nominees for 2020, Belgium’s Magritte awards cancels 2021 edition due to Covid-19, Bafta confirms 2021 film awards eligibility rules, key dates; introduces fees, BBC Film, BFI to debut new release model in BBC Two UK film series, ‘Septet: The Story Of Hong Kong’: Busan Review (opening film), Copyright © 2019 Media Business Insight Limited, Stars of Tomorrow and exclusive supplements. really it's a familiar story about social & sexual power dynamics, in which anything operating on an intellectual level is stripped away, reduced to sheer animal impulse. “Aaaaaaaah!” shares cinematic DNA with Mike Judge’s “Idiocracy,” which imagined the hit movie “Ass” winning eight Academy Awards. is a kind of adaptation of this story with the apes replaced by humans. | Arms are ripped off, genitals bitten through, kitchen floors defecated onto, urine sprinkled liberally and sleeping faces tea-bagged at will. With dialogue consisting entirely of ape-like grunts, Steve Oram's "Aaaaaaaah!" The music is stunning. A cooking program, for example, is hosted by a presenter whose bare breasts hang outside of her top as she cooks, the logical extreme of the seductive mode of culinary tuition purveyed by sexy chefs like the U.K.’s Nigella Lawson. Genre fests and home entertainment are this strange beast’s natural habitat. As will be clear from the preceding descriptions, “Aaaaaaaah!” is far from a multiplex proposition and indeed has a very specific audience in mind: those with an appetite for somewhat abstract and otherworldly art-house satire combined with midnight movie scatological humor and gore. So. This is pure, wonderful lunacy spraying in your face like (spoiler alert) a cum shot raining down on a framed photo of Prince Harry. Aaaaaaaah! Production companies: Rook Releasing, Boum Productions. Starring Mindhorn's Julian Barratt as Jupiter, Holli Dempsey as Helen, Noel Fielding as Carl, Lucy Honigman as Denise, Shelley Longworth as Carolla, Alice Lowe as Sitcom Eudora, Tom Meeten as Keith, The Mimic's Terry Mynott as Radio DJ, Bo! I can occasionally enjoy bad movies and I had no expectations one way or the other when I decided to watch this, but it was way outside my tolerance level of s*it in a movie, at least B-movies can make you laugh. Heat Vision Box Office Reviews Archives. The people involved live in modern home with modern technology, yet eat with their hands and don't appear to have any degree of intelligence. (2015), comes on like a collaboration between Dogme '95 and Chris Morris. Forgot your password? It is a series of unrelated storylines, with a family and some outside people, and their interactions with each other. ': Frightfest Review. This was no film, it was a tedious comedy sketch stretched out to the point of absurdity. I did force myself to sit and watch it all because I was determined that such a gruelling monstrosity of a watch wasn't going to get the best of me, and I suppose it was kind of mesmerising in the way that a car wreck is, I could not help but keep staring agog just to see if it was actually going somewhere, and it never did.. Well knowing is half the battle(!) Aaaaaaaah! Just like the Dayton Ohio quartet managed to churn out indie-pop masterpieces on their four track machines in their basement, Oram makes use of the natural surroundings and one very understanding friends home in order to craft this messy but smart film. he gives the viewer a ton of respect throughout, never guiding…. Many scenes which, while aiming to shock, made me just roll my eyes. By Kim Newman 2015-08-28T20:00:00+01:00. Letterboxd's most controversial films, ranked by the variance in their ratings. Aaaaaaaah! Made by fans in Auckland, New Zealand. ii. The weird nature of … Quite easily the worst film I have ever endured. It could have been an interesting and indeed scary idea, a world with everything we know, but no words, there is not much of a plot, everyone communicates with a series of grunts and indistinct noises, and there is a sort of fight for supremacy thing going on, but it is such a shame to see talented people wasting their time, it is just a gross, unfunny and unwatchable horror comedy. It is a terrible and embarrassing concept - I was literally cringing whilst watching this. An excellent portrayal of the inner human. Poor! AAAAAAAAH! depicts all this simian drama and more. Or are we simply beasts? It’s Quentin Dupieux meets Will Self, channeling Anthony Burgess and J.G. Steve Oram, the actor/writer from SIGHTSEERS and KILL LIST stars in his long-awaited debut feature with a host of his friends. There's lots of fun touches - like the ape TV shows and video games, the fact that writing is just a series of random…. Duh duh deh duh. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! They hook up with restless Female, Denise, igniting a deadly feud in which emotions run high and deep-seated grudges resurface amongst the tribe. More details at 'AAAAAAAAH! I mean why would they do this? Testicles are fried, like my brain. I quite enjoyed it, but enter at your own risk. There’s something both terrifying and satisfying about seeing human contrivances and customs rendered so completely transparent in their endless artifice and essentially arbitrary nature. Film Review: ‘Aaaaaaaah!’ Steve Oram's deeply British feature debut is the kind of mesmerizing cult oddity whose fan base will be limited but passionate. Aaaaaaaah! Many shoestring budget movies are very good, but there was no real effort put into this one. Q. There is no English dialogue, only grunts, yet it felt like the performers were communicating genuinely. An intense score (from King Crimson ProjeKcts with contributions by Dave Westlake) lets the audience know, not for the last time, that there is trouble ahead. Sidney Poitier’s 7 Most Memorable Performances, All Harry Potter Movies Ranked Worst to Best by Tomatometer, Jake Gyllenhaal Will Star in HBO Limited Series. uses primitive behaviour to explore relationships and toxic masculinity. Holli Dempsey biting off Noel Fielding's cock is a scene that will stay with me for a long time.

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