ali baba and the forty thieves symbolism

The tailor is blindfolded again, and in this state he is able to retrace his steps and find the house. Their father divided a small inheritance equally between them. I will dig a hole, and bury it. I will borrow a small measure, and measure it, while you dig the hole.”. Come, let me blind your eyes at the same place. Beauty Over Education, Or Education Over Beauty? Remember, too, that he would eat no salt with you; and what would you have more to persuade you of his wicked design? The captain, finding that their design had proved abortive, went directly to the place of rendezvous, and told his followers that they had lost their labour and must return to the cave. “Yes, yes,” answered Baba Mustafa, “I see you want to have me speak out, but you shall know no more.”, The robber felt sure that he had discovered what he sought. Go now and tell your mistress. While these things were being done, the forty robbers again visited their retreat in the forest. “Perhaps,” said the robber, “you may remember a little of the way that you were led blindfold. The first care of the robbers after this was to examine the cave. They found all the bags which Kasim had brought to the door, to be ready to load his mules, and carried them back to their places, but they did not miss what ‘Ali Baba had taken away before. After she had danced several dances with much grace, she drew the poniard and, holding it in her hand, began a dance, in which she outdid herself, by the many different figures, light movements, and the surprising leaps and wonderful exertions with which she accompanied it. Then they mounted their horses, and went to beat the roads again, and to attack the caravans they might meet. “Come in, Marjaneh,” said ‘Ali-Baba, “and let Khoja Hoseyn see what you can do, that he may tell us what he thinks of your performance.”. ‘Ali Baba put a piece of gold into the tabor, as did also his son; and Khoja Hoseyn, seeing that she was coming to him, had pulled his purse out of his bosom to make her a present; but while he was putting his hand into it, Marjaneh plunged the poniard into his heart. The other two asses he loaded with bags of gold, covering them with wood also as before; and then bidding the door shut came away. It opens on the magic words "open sesame" and seals itself on the words "close sesame". Some years later he carried his son to the cave and taught him the secret, which he handed down to his posterity, who, using their good fortune with moderation, lived in great honour and splendour till they were visited by the terminator of delights and the separator of companions. Richard, you look cute today. that day ‘Ali Baba and his son, shocked at this action, cried out aloud. By this means Marjaneh found that her master ‘Ali Baba had admitted thirty-eight robbers into his house, and that this pretended oil-merchant was their captain. He led them through the streets till he came to ‘Ali Baba’s door where he was sitting after supper to take the air. ", guys please inbox me guys please inbox me guys please inbox me guys please inbox me guys please inbox me I am a girl and I want a girl to be my friend Remembering the words the captain of the robbers used to cause the door to open and shut, he wished to try if his pronouncing them would have the same effect. “It was here,” said Baba Mustafa, “I was blindfolded; and I turned this way.” The robber tied his handkerchief over his eyes, and walked by him till he stopped at Kasim’s house, where ‘Ali Baba then lived. Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves by Arabian Nights. “Who is this strange man,” said she, “who eats no salt with his meat? When the nineteen mules were loaded with thirty-seven robbers in jars, and the jar of oil, the captain set out with them, and reached the town by the dusk of the evening. For this purpose he returned to the town, and took a lodging in a Khan, and disguised himself as a merchant in silks. The robber thanked him for the trouble he had taken, and left him to go back to his stall, while he returned to the forest. So the wife ran to her brother-in-law Kasim, who lived hard by, and addressing herself to his wife desired her to lend her a measure for a little while. When he returned he was much surprised to see the oil-jars, and that the merchant was not gone with the mules, and asked Marjaneh the reason of it. Instead, he treated Ali Baba, his wife and son badly. She made what haste she could to fill her oil-pot, and returned into her kitchen, where, as soon as she had lighted her lamp, she took a great kettle, went again to the oil-jar, filled the kettle, set it on a large wood fire, and as soon as it boiled, went and poured enough into every jar to stifle and destroy the robber within. He stopped his mules, addressed himself to him, and said: “I have brought some oil a great way, to sell at tomorrow’s market; and it is now so late that I do not know where to lodge. Much alarmed, he went softly down into the yard, and going to the first jar, whilst asking the robber, whom he thought alive, if he was in readiness, smelt the hot boiled oil, which sent forth a steam out of the jar. To this end, when she had finished what she had to do in the kitchen, she helped ‘Abd-Allah to carry up the dishes; and, looking at Khoja Hoseyn, knew him at first sight, notwithstanding his disguise, to be the captain of the robbers, and examining him very carefully, perceived that he had a dagger under his garment. A few days afterwards, ‘Ali Baba celebrated the nuptials of his son and Marjaneh with great solemnity, a sumptuous feast, and the usual dancing and spectacles; and had the satisfaction to see that his friends and neighbours, whom he invited, had no knowledge of the true motives of the marriage; but that those who were not unacquainted with Marjaneh’s good qualities commended his generosity and goodness of heart.

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