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Upset at the monks for what he deemed to be an unfair ruling, he decided to name himself Musashibō Benkei and left to fend for himself. She had come to deliver the Rumble Regalia, and after doing so, she began to cry. Benkei appears and lies to Yoshitsune that he would treat her but instead takes the opportunity to murder her by breaking her neck. Minamoto no Yoshitsune (源 義経, 1159 – June 15, 1189) was a military commander of the Minamoto clan of Japan in the late Heian and early Kamakura periods. On his 1000th duel, Benkei was defeated by Minamoto no Yoshitsune, a son of the warlord Minamoto no Yoshitomo. In ode to the incident, he was named "Oniwaka" (鬼若). His undying loyalty and manner of death closely match Dian Wei's final moments in Romance of the Three Kingdoms. He is perplexed by Yueying's juggernauts, and hopes to see the machines in action more often, but he is reluctant to relinquish his weapon temporarily to sate her curiosity. Occupation She is also referred to as Bishamonten - a living spirit of battle and war. It is said that the soldiers were afraid to cross the bridge to confront him, and all that did met swift death at the hands of the gigantic man, who killed in excess of 300 trained soldiers. The following section follows Benkei's life written from the Gikeiki and the internationally read Tales of the Heike. Gender One night, an angry Yoshitsune confronted his son with a knife intent on harming him. He defeated over 300 of them, and in the end his wounded, arrow-riddled body refused to keel over even when life abandoned it. His incarnation in the Harukanaru Toki no Naka de series acts as the the Suzaku of Earth (地の朱雀, Chi no Suzaku) for his era's White Dragon Priestess. Aside from this small tidbit, nothing else is so far known or noted about the real Benkei. He teams up with Yoshitsune and Kiyomori in an additional dream stage. His messenger was a warrior monk known as Senkōji Shichirō (千光房七郎), who was labeled as a wanted man the year prior. Rōmaji The historical and fictional spellings for Musashibō suggests that it is likely a title rather than a personal name. Benkei is at his best within foot soldiers or navy units and is average with all other unit types. Ataka is later adapted as the kabuki play Kanjinchō, and filmed by Akira Kurosawa as The Men Who Tread on the Tiger's Tail. Unleashes 999 blades and attacks all foes. Of course, it is just a legend. So he became a warrior. Hair Color Class He also threatens to kill him if he hesitates and does not follow his orders. He is shown as a man of great strength and loyalty, in Japanese folklore. Daruma also uses his powers to pick up information on Benkei’s past and revealed that he betrayed and murdered Yoshitsune and manipulated his son, Sanda, to becoming his pawn. A collector of fine weapons, he desires to add more additions to gallery while he is searching for his friend. He was born in 1155 AD. Ribner, Susan, Richard Chin and Melanie Gaines Arwin. His greatest assets were his unabashed craftiness and nearly inhuman strength, which were used to rescue Yoshitsune whenever it was needed. His face is not see-able due to his helmet. The name Benkei means "valve" (弁) (ben) and "congratulate" (慶) (kei). During the two-year ordeal that followed, Benkei accompanied Yoshitsune as an outlaw. In his previous life, he was prepared to fight to the death for Master Kurou. Evil-doer Some of which include: Third and fourth costumes in Musou Orochi Z, Musaibou Benkei in Nobunyaga no Yabou Nyapuri., Benkei is strongly presumed to be based on. By the way, rigor mortis is also important in meat we eat. He also gained a criminal record for what he did and evaded the authorities for his crimes. The Ronin | Having said that, it is unlikely a dead body stands still and most people do not actually believe the “Standing Death of Benkei” is true. Standing Death. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. During the tournament, Hachimaru, Ryu, and Daruma were able to defeat all the other contestants in his tournament. He took residence by a bridge in Kyoto, where he would challenge passing swordsmen to a duel, defeat them, and take their weapon. When his identity is revealed for being a con-artist, Benkei was willing to kill everyone on Planet O-06 including his own men and leave the world. The two gets into a heated battle where Benkei has the upperhand from the beginning of the fight. He was a man of great strength and loyalty. You're pretty strong, aren't you? Attacking anyone who crossed him on the road, whether they were from noble or warrior status, he had a sum of 999 blades in his possession. Benkei regularly utilizes a weapon called the Panther Corsa (豹頭の錫杖). Aware of the protagonist's wish to prevent another "Oomagadoki", Benkei explains that Nakatsu Kuni is currently a world filled with unnatural time distortions created by demons; defeating the main source of the demons' power will send the souls of the past, present, and future back to their rightful state. In the fourth title, he is at his best when leading foot soldiers into battle. Con-Artist During one of the DLC scenarios, Yoshitsune is eventually unable to put up with fighting beside his nemesis and, he and Benkei temporarily break away from the demons at Itsukushima-Chengdu in order to challenge Kiyomori to a duel. Benkei appreciates her concerns but mispronounces her name at times, calling her "Himako" or "Humuko". Previous Team His historical name (武藏房辨慶) is a homophone of the popularly known rendition of his name in fiction (武蔵坊弁慶). By swinging his halberd, ordinary soldiers have their bodies blown off at once; by roaring, a starving wold is put to run. She has also repeatedly displayed the ability to ride with only one A-T. Later on, she cut off her own leg to be able to escape Percival's mecha, since her leg was caught by the machine. In addition, deep wound and/or arrows stuck in a body can also make muscle stiff hence preventing a dead body to bend. Benkei is an aggressive yet playful woman; she even displays a nurturing side in her time as Kogarasumaru's trainer as well. After Kogarasumaru won their match against Highway Circus, while they were waiting for their next opponent to be decided, Benkei appeared before them after rushing there on her motorcycle from Osaka. However, Sanda and Ryu teamed up together to cut down Benkei and the Hachimaru also attacked Benkei. During this period, the Buddhist monasteries of Japan were important centres of administration and culture, but also military powers in their own right. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. ベンケイ During the Genpei War, he led a series of battles which toppled the Ise-Heishi branch of the Taira clan, helping his half-brother Yoritomo consolidate power. After defeating the god, Benkei and Yoshitsune return back to their service of the demon army. As Yoshitsune retired to the inner keep of the castle to commit ritual suicide (seppuku) on his own, Benkei stood guard on the bridge in front of the main gate to protect Yoshitsune. He fought them to prevent the Yo-kai watch from becoming rank A. Benkei According to legend, Benkei’s body, which was pierced with arrows, remained erect, even after death. In battle, Benkei prefers to not move much and relies on his technology to do most of his own work. Benkei (ベンケイ, Benkei) is Yoshitsune's beautiful and skilled second-in-command in the A-T's team Tridents. After losing her leg, she relies on this weapon as a cane. Eye Color This came to be known as "Benkei's standing death" (Japanese: 弁慶の立往生 Benkei no Tachiōjō), and became a symbol of strength, loyalty and the unbreakable warrior's spirit. For many years, Benkei and Sanda would work to manipulate many people into participating in his tournaments so that he can take their keys. In that moment, Sanda attempts to take Anne, Hachimaru’s princess, hostage under Benkei’s order. In modern Japanese culture Benkei was a companion to Yoshitsune, a historical bishonen. navy blue Later on, she loses her right leg up to her thigh. Gains the ability to sidestep and step-cancel, along with a new Type Action. His body was still standing even after death to protect his master, which is known as the famous "Standing Death of Benkei" (弁慶の立往生, Benkei no Tachi Ōjō). Learning from his past error for siding with the Orochi forces, Benkei breaks ties with them in Warriors Orochi 3 and wanders with Zuo Ci. Benkei is known for having died while standing (rigor mortis or stiffening of the body after death happens faster when a person dies just after a great deal of physical movement, leaving him standing when he died during battle). Later, his lord tried to escape to Oshu only to see his that his confidant Fujiwara no Hidehira had been killed. Both of his remaining skills are frankly lackluster. Alias Others In the present, Benkei has the same selfish, sadistic, and manipulative personality. His second puppet hand is named after his childhood name, Oniwaka. He also appears in the collectible card game, A highly fictionalized version of Benkei is the central character of the, Benkei is also the name of the main character in the noir manga, Benkei's friendship with Yoshitsune is also referenced in the movie, The band Whispered released an album titled, Edward Newgate (or Whitebeard), a prominent character in the popular, Benkei appears as a playable character in the video games, Benkei is the title of a popular song written by the band. Alive People of the American Civil War by state, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Articles with Japanese-language external links, Articles incorporating text from Wikipedia, woodcut print -- "Ushiwaka and Benki duelling on Gojo Bridge" or "Gojo Bridge, an episode from the Life of Yoshitsune, Chronicles of Yoshitsune" by Tsukioka Yoshitoshi (1839-1892), Soon after Sanda is defeated by Hachimaru, Benkei battles Daruma in space. Benkei watches as everyone infiltrate his ship.

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