caerphilly castle dragon

Everyone knows that. Panic-stricken, she called for Dewi who was out on an early morning ramble, looking for new branches and leaves for the nest. She then climbed up into one of the castle’s cosiest towers and settled down for an evening of peace. “The ‘dragon effect’ on the public so far has been evident — this Easter bank holiday, visitor figures at Caerphilly Castle were up by an astonishing 70% compared to the same time the previous year, thanks to the arrival of two giant dragon eggs. Her body was just getting itself ready to tend the eggs! And before parting, the beasts made a promise that, if their love remained strong, they would meet in Caernarfon on 01 March 2017. She was planning to take the little ones on a summer tour of Wales, in an effort to teach them about their Welsh heritage. And she knew that the human custodians would take weeks to build a nest big enough to hold dragon eggs! severely reprimanded and Llywelyn, thinking that was then the Within the nest were two gigantic dragon eggs — gleaming in fiery shades of orange, red and yellow. And boy, was she angry when she found them. to build Caerphilly the following year the spark burst into flames. Dewi the dragon first pitched up in Caerphilly on St David’s Day last year, and returned to Wales’ biggest castle with female friend Dwynwen on April 3. The amazed custodians immediately called the local vet, who arrived within an hour — very excited to see the nest’s contents. The time had come. As a rule, new-born creatures are hard work. Would you like to receive email updates from Cadw and its historic attractions? It all started on the morning after their arrival. Dragon eggs are forged in flames, you know. Find out more about cookies. She simply couldn’t wait to tell Dewi her news. As she did at sundown every evening, Dwynwen wandered over the nest to say goodnight to her eggs. Then, BANG! its domination of the local skyline. The castle was constructed by Gilbert de Clare in the 13th century as part of his campaign to maintain control of Glamorgan, and saw extensive fighting between Gilbert, his descendants, and the native Welsh rulers. And so, he roamed the castle grounds and guarded the castle walls with passion for an entire spring season…. We welcome correspondence in both English and Welsh. Dylan and Cariad looked at each other with pure joy. The Dragons were clearly in love. Dwynwen roared with anger when she stumbled across the scene — not only was it dangerous for dragons to attempt flight at such a young age but fragments of the castle were flying, smashing and crashing in all directions too! Dwynwen discovered a huge pile of rubble hidden within the upper gatehouse. Plus, a bit of peace and quiet wouldn’t go amiss…! 500 auxiliary soldiers in AD 75. The King knew this. And then, through the sudden silence, two little dragon heads poked out from nest. The little dragon had developed rather a sweet tooth and couldn’t resist those pink and white swirls on a stick. Dewi and Dwynwen, who weigh a whopping two tonnes each, and the babies were sculpted and moulded before being cast and built out of fibreglass. And when he was right at the top, looking out across the epic landscape of Wales, he heard the soft beating of another pair of wings. of gunpowder during the English civil war, today it would have But their fear of upsetting Dwynwen didn’t last for long. During the English civil war the castle saw very little action, The vet continued: “By the looks of things, Dwynwen will be ready to lay her eggs within a day or two. The Dragons fell instantly in love. Plus, she hoped all the travelling would tire them out a bit! “Was that thunder and lightning?”, she thought. The dragons and their eggs are amusing but I wonder how many readers of the Observer know that CADW employ a company called Aderyn to shoot the real wildlife around the Castle? I'm proud to live in Caerphilly & be able to take my grandchildren to visit. The beasts were entwined in a romantic embrace — or “cwtch” in Welsh — and looked magnificent against the looming backdrop of Caernarfon Castle. It took him all day to build but when complete, the nest looked spectacular — he couldn’t wait to show Dwynwen. With no response from her beau, she bounded around the castle to look for the babies. She simply wasn’t herself. All the while, he could hear Dwynwen sneezing with flashes of fire and could see rings of smoke billowing from her tower. At Easter, the dragons “laid” two eggs, and visitors have been eager to find out what would happen next. But they knew they would have to part. Upon arrival, Dwynwen climbed out of the truck and looked up at the magnificent stone walls of Dewi’s lair. The custodians exclaimed with knowing relief — Dwynwen’s mysterious fiery sneezes finally made sense.

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