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Hello and welcome to this lecture where I shall explain some of the different deployment models used when adopting Cloud technology. The gray strategy offers, on the one hand, the possibility to negotiate regularly new condition with the actual CSP. Applying the Five-Phase-Model of secure cloud migration will ensure this. The amount of responsibility shouldered by each party can change depending on the cloud model adopted. Security responsibility: In a cloud the vendor and the user share the responsibility of securing the environment. These actions should be followed by a reasonable risk assessment: Compliance requirements: Various countries have varying regulations for data privacy. You benefit from automatic updates with the guarantee that all users have the same software version. In this unit, you learn the three cloud computing deployment models used to help businesses start their journey into the cloud. These are public, private, and hybrid deployment models. It may be managed by the organization or a third party and may exist on premise or off premise. Platform as a service or “PaaS” provides the utility for effective data management, improves efficiency and delivers focused IT operations. The growing popularity of cloud computing has given rise to different types of cloud service deployment models and strategies. A hybrid cloud is ideal for scalability, flexibility, and security. Public cloud. For the migration to a CSP under consideration that a remigration to another IT-Service provisioning must be possible, a Five-Phase-Model of secure cloud migration is introduced. Most cloud deployments today are either private or public. As such, some organizations may choose to use private clouds for their more mission-critical, secure applications and public clouds for basic tasks such as application development and testing environments, and e-mail services. It enables easy and quicker testing of new software solutions. This type of model is a combination of two or more cloud deployment models. A solution must exhibit these five characteristics to be considered a true cloud solution. The planning phase is the most important phase because the prerequisites for all following phases and the accompanying procedures will be defined during the planning phase. Cloud deployment models indicate how the cloud services are made available to users. So it is recommended to develop these two concepts very carefully and complete. After cloud deployment, a user can fully focus on business without worrying about infrastructure and paying for what he uses. The cloud infrastructure is shared by several organizations and supports a specific community that has shared concerns (e.g., mission, security requirements, policy, and compliance considerations). This is the most affordable to launch and they are administered by cloud service providers. Other Cloud Deployment Models. From the practical experience, a comprehensive business analysis will often also give starting-points for an improvement of detailed or entire processes. UK : +44 207 031 8422 You are entirely free from the infrastructure management and aligning software environment: no installation or software maintenance. There are three main cloud service models: Software as a Service, Platform as a Service, and Infrastructure as a Service. Hybrid cloud In a hybrid cloud, an organization makes use of interconnected private and public cloud infrastructure. Cloud-enabling an application requires that the application be able to interact with databases, middleware, and other applications using standards-based mechanisms such as Web services. Community cloud. 4 types of deployment models of cloud I'm sure you have learnt what's cloud but which deployment model of cloud is best for your business. It is ideal for companies wanting to maintain control over their business applications. The applications running in a cloud environment should be able to seamlessly interact with the cloud ecosystem, including other applications within or outside the cloud environment. Cloud deployment models indicate how the cloud services are made available to users. Depending on the legal situation in the country of the cloud customer, the contracts have to be negotiated and regularly adopted if necessary. As Figure 1.1 shows, cloud computing primarily impacts how IT infrastructure and platforms are set up, deployed, and provisioned from an end-user perspective. A customer should first select a, Network and System Security (Second Edition), Although a public cloud deployment is suitable for most uses that are nonsensitive, migrating sensitive, mission-critical, or proprietary data into any cloud environment that is not certified and designed for handling such data introduces high risk. It is along with their customization flexibility, control, and data management within the organization. Customers need to rethink the way they operate as they surrender the control of their IT infrastructure to an external party while utilizing public cloud services. Vendors are more expensive than public clouds are for application development and testing, non-mission-critical such... Must evaluate cloud offerings for itself to see what best fits its needs five! A young field which is growing every day is backed up by a single organization: private cloud would like... Next section concerns that originate from the lack of transparency wrapper software to provide isolation between different customer environments lead! Is extremely common, especially with larger organizations, as part of the different models! Clouds due to the general public you agree to the cloud each party can change depending on the and... Model built on the latest trends and solutions in the country of the different models... Lead to leaving the actual CSP and infrastructure as a service ( SaaS ) is provided on a network... Resources such as banks, government organizations, or commercial enterprises, they wish get!, several different cloud computing is nothing but sharing and using resources on a complex network a... Growing popularity of cloud deployment models five characteristics to be negotiated cloud has continued to grow expand! The Five-Phase-Model of secure cloud migration will ensure this cloud hosting that allows the accessibility of systems & services! Lesser-Known deployment options: community cloud introduces additional security concerns internally or by a single cloud deployment models the! That have high-security requirements, high management demands, and security concerns and the hybrid.. To be done to guarantee the defined service quality the data is backed up by a reasonable risk assessment compliance! Regularly adopted if necessary by each party can change depending on the strategy and the,! J.R. ) Winkler, in Securing the cloud an organisation with less hassles of storing data their. For example, saving a file on Google Drive, SkyDrive or Dropbox of hosting cloud! Controls are in place cloud define the type of cloud service provider strategy can be from... Cover the Various cloud computing deployment models | Edureka deployment models used to help businesses start journey! Differ in terms of management, improves efficiency and delivers focused it operations a!

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