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When her loyalty passive works it's hilarious though the problem I have is excelling her traits into a win rather than just an upper-hand. The couple married on Whitsun, 18 May 1152, eight weeks after the annulment of Eleanor's first marriage, in Poitiers Cathedral. Alright. I feel as though this is what I was attempting to be doing I just wasn't exactly precise enough on the movements around it (Such as which pantheon to choose, religion, civics) I was just hail-Mary. Japan and Macedonia are the best choices when it comes to domination victories. In conclusion, both the English and Eleanor are very strong, but together are a little hard to play, since the bonuses pull the civilization-leader combo in many directions. All in all, this combo has a little bit of everything, just dont neglect your Science! Cultural Guilds yield +1 Great Person Point and a Music Slot. More Iron allows you to field a more advanced army focus on Swordsmen, and later on Cuirassiers. One of the two First Nations I belong to is the Cree and it blew my mind that my own people were going to be represented in this game played by people all around the world. A champion yourself of the Second Crusade, your skill as Duchess and Queen consort would seal your name in both history and legend. Germany is in the Deity tier for one reason: the hansa. Using a more science-oriented approach and following up with theater squares and museums will push back the effective point at which Eleanor's abilities come into play, but will still give you access to the ability to use her Leader traits in the late game, especially if you can maintain or achieve golden/heroic ages and force other players into dark ages (which gives you a 1.5 loyalty pressure multiplier and imposes a 0.5 loyalty pressure modifier on them). The lower production cost and absurd adjacency bonuses combine for some truly bonkers production in your cities. For example, Scotland gets wartime bonuses similar to Chandragupta. Just one more turn, right? Eleanor of Aquitaine (1122 – 1 April 1204) was queen consort of France (1137–1152) and England (1154–1189) and duchess of Aquitaine in her own right (1137–1204). Eleanor naturally lends herself to culture victories sense her passive incentives you to build great works to exert pressure on other civs. Thanks for the in-depth response! Pachacuti’s special ability makes mountains in your empire even more valuable (and they were already important for holy site adjacency bonuses). Places like the Civilization subreddit and the Civilization Fanatics forums are a treasure trove of resources for those of us who can’t get enough of that sweet Civ nectar. 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I play against my brother and around 5~ other NPCs on normal difficulty. Just make sure you shatter their empire and capture its core; the objective is to leave them with small cities that you can take via loyalty pressure in order to spare yourself the global grievances and penalties from doing a civ-wipe with your military. However, England’s innate lack of a strong domination bonus makes that a dangerous prospect. I think the thing that put me off was the AI going into religion a lot (which is why I couldn't capitalise on Eleanor's Court Of Love trait) but this could also be a way to have opposing cities lose loyalty now that I think about it. Thank you! These civs aren’t unbeatable. As for the English civilization, they get additional resource acquisition, and better military engineers, and better powered buildings later in the game. What buildings & wonders should I be focusing on (if at all)? Eleonora van Aquitanië (Occitaans: Aleonòr d'Aquitània, Frans: Aliénor of Éléonore d'Aquitaine; ook Éléonore de Guyenne; Belin of Bordeaux, ca. Palace life has become so dull of late, and the people must be so distressed to think their ruler is not enjoying the finest comforts. As such, this tier list is less a long-term guide and more of a snapshot of how things look as of the September 2019 update. Pericles benefits from city-state suzerainty. First, as the English you need Armories to build Military Engineers, and you'll want Coal Factories in your Industrial Zones and Harbors everywhere, but as Eleanor you'll also want many Theater Squares, Entertainment Complexes, and if going for a cultural victory, Holy Sites for faith income. Japan gets bonuses for having units on coastal tiles. He mostly plays Robert the Bruce and is more experienced than me in Civ so I'd like some help beating him. An early-game navy is always nearly unstoppable. Right now we’re placing Ethiopia into the third tier, Emperor. When it comes to that the civilization is practically unparalleled with mobility that no one else can match. That's more or less the mindset you need to be in to use Eleanor's ability. And, if you’re more of an isolationist, Canada thrives on its own. As a member of the Ramnulfids (House of Poitiers) rulers in southwestern France, she was one of the most powerful and wealthiest women in western Europe during the High Middle Ages. Harvest these as soon as you settle to boost your population in that city, and settle as many viable small cities as you can close to your opponent's cities; I would build a government district in one of these border cities and use the Ancestral Hall as well as Surplus logistics (internal trade routes) to pump those cities up as well as pump out Settlers with provision. Can you build a civilization that can stand the test of time? America, Egypt, Phoenicia, and Elanor of Aquitaine France all excel at the culture game, where the Zulu are strongest in the domination department. Additionally, getting the Monasteries worship building gives you an extra slot for religious works, which means even more loyalty problems for your enemies. The Duchy of Aquitaine was a historical fiefdom in western, central, and southern areas of present-day France to the south of the Loire River, although its extent, as well as its name, fluctuated greatly over the centuries, at times comprising much of what is now southwestern France (Gascony) and central France. In-game, that is… That’s still very bad in real life. always check the amount of great people points your enemies generate. Must be at War with a Civilization that has founded a Religion. I'll give this a shot and refer back to this post for advice when we decide to play again. Well… Here we are. We must take up arms and march upon those wicked many that dare to challenge our piety. When her loyalty passive works it's hilarious though the problem I have is excelling her traits into a win rather than just an upper-hand. England is a powerhouse (literally) when you focus on science/military aspects of your civ and use them frequently. By using great works and city clusters, she's capable of conquering the neighbors by attrition alone, slowly flipping their cities to yours and subsequently dropping other civs' loyalty pressure in the process, allowing for chaining of city rebellions. With the already dubious nature of iron for a wide variety of civs, England has a lot more early push capability than you might think if you make a quick detour to get Swordsmen and Crossbow units available in your tech tree. She outlived all her children except for John and Eleanor. Fueled by too much coffee, Sam is a freelance writer with bylines at GameDaily, IGN, PC Gamer and more. Additionally you're using all that loyalty pressure to flip their cities and deny them expansion points; think of it like a loving embrace, by a python. She was not released until 6 July 1189, when Henry died and their second son, Richard the Lionheart, ascended the throne. There are other options, too, like America’s ability to be diplomatic, and Phoenicia strong science game. Meanwhile, Gorgo gains culture from killing enemy units. The first Champion trained becomes the King's Champion, which is faster, stronger, and earns double XP from combat. That means you should always look to settle near the ocean. They each play very differently from one another, even if they’re both strong in culture-focused games. Civilizations with two unique units (Civ5), https://civilization-v-customisation.fandom.com/wiki/Aquitaine_(Eleanor)?oldid=33310. She also has an extra spy slot. Since France's bonus is doubled tourism from wonders, the combination of captured/built wonders and large amounts of great works allows for rapid culture victories.

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