famous blind person

Since then he has had over 50 top 40 singles and he has influenced hundreds of musicians. - (1888-1924) - The first congenitally blind man to receive a medical license. Several others have become successful athletes, politicians and actors. "What'd I Say" singer Ray Charles started to go blind at age five. (born April 2, 1946) is a British novelist, best known as the author of the Adrian Mole series of books. Apply Online Instant Cash Advance. His operation was able to reveal idiosyncrasies of the human visual system. - (August 7, 1936 -December 5, 1977) Rahsaan was an American jazz multi-instrumentalist, playing tenor saxophone, flute and other reed instruments. Other famous people who are color blind include Mark Twain, Marco Rubio and Eddie Redmayne. Color blind people have trouble differentiating between different levels of the color spectrum, and celebrities are no exception. Inventor of Automatic Regulators, AGA Cookers, Musician, Singer, Composer, Guitarist, Jazz. Unfortunately Sir Charles is late and has passed away June 10, 2004 yet still an inspiration to several blind persons with the potential of musical talent to follow in his footsteps. Several blind people have also had great careers in politics. Keller went on to become a world-famous speaker and author. Well not quite so. 147,436 views. Helen Keller, a political activist and author, became the first bind-deaf person to get a Bachelor’s degree of Arts. 10 Details About Bill Clinton's Past That Would Have Ended His Career Today, The Most Trustworthy Celebrities in the World. It would have been the greatest gift to him to have seen his live audience cheer to the magical sound of his music. It’s also not very often that we see a partially blind person that also pursed a passion for basketball, and yes you bet that Lt. Gov. He has had exhibitions in Turkey and in Holland and the Czech Republic. - (c. 1820 - 10 March 1913) Harriet Tubman was a slave throughout her youth,   until she eventually escaped captivity. He became blind at the age of 20 following a second accident that caused him to loose the vision in his remaining eye. The Most Trustworthy Celebrities in the World. She was the first person who was deaf/blind to graduate from college. Before surgery Bradford was a skilled machinist, but upon gaining vision, he became confused and unable to work. I love how mainstream media news DOES cover "feel good" inspirational stories sometimes. Canadian folk singer (born Norman Jeffrey Healey, March 25, 1966 - March 2, 2008) was a blind jazz, and blues-rock vocalist and guitarist who attained musical and personal popularity, particularly in the 1980s and 1990s. Runyan's career as a world-class runner began in 1999 at the Pan American Games, where she won the 1,500-meter race. He has also completed the Seven Summits in September 2002. Other famous musicians who are also blind include singers like Ray Charles, Andrea Bocelli and Jose Feliciano. The following Blindhope8 video is a short version of the vision project that also depicts Jens at work. (October 14, 1801 - September 15, 1883) Joseph Plateauwas a Belgian physicist. (January 30, 1882 - April 12, 1945) Franklin was the 32nd President of the United States of Americaand played a big role during World War II. Galileo had also improved compass design and eventually opposed the geocentric view. (February 20, 1726 - 1795) was an American colonel in the Revolutionary War who commanded the rebel forces in the Battle of Bunker Hill. But when you throw into the mix a visually impaired disability, then it is staggering and heartwarming at what some people can overcome. He became a physician, practising at the Marylebone Dispensary, in the Crimean War, and as a private consultant in London. "I'm totally color blind, which means that my world is black and white and gray," he says in a statement on the band's website. In 1965, Charles was arrested for possession of heroin, a drug to which he had been addicted for nearly 20 years. Nevertheless, he could accurately judge the distance that objects in the same room, having been familiar with these distances before regaining sight by virtue of having walked them. Category: Strange People. The Best Keanu Reeves Movies21 Interesting Facts You May Not Know About Keanu Reeves#45 of 272 The Best (Male) Actors Working Today. (born June 18, 1979 in Calgary, Alberta) is a Canadian cross-country skier and biathlete.

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