glass house: the good mother cast

Abby makes an attempt to escape, but Eve catches her and locks her in the attic. Mobile site. A half star movie boosted a little by Angie Harmon, who embraces the melodrama when she can, only to be undermined by the script. When Ethan gets sick, Abby tries to contact their friend, detective Ben Koch, and she realizes that her brother and she are trapped in the house. More details at As Abby is washing them, she cuts her arm on broken glass that Eve purposely left in the sink for her. Glass House: The Good Mother Cast and Crew. Having said that, Angie Harmon (think a scary Stepford Wife crossed with an extremely Desperate Housewife) was terrific, better than Diane Lane in the original and one scene, just one, involving washing dishes, had my spine shuddering and my teeth clenching with queasiness. Films featuring female character(s) that are cold, calculating, unhinged psychopaths. Recs welcome! Angie Harmon Joel Gretsch Jordan Danger Bobby Coleman Jason London Tasha Smith, A Casa de Vidro 2, The Goode's House: The Good Mother, Última sospecha 2, Стеклянный дом 2: Смертельная опека, Glass House 2, The Glass House 2, The Goode’s House, 94 mins   Young siblings Abby and Ethan are adopted by outwardly perfect parents Eve and Raymond Goode, only to find that that their new guardian's remote mansion is far from the idyllic abode that it initially appears to be. Sigh... this rash of noughties sequels did throw up some genuinely baffling follow-ups. Eve gets to it first, but the person on the other line hangs up. Eve continues to chase Abby before luring her out of hiding via feigning talking to Ethan and catching her. After a walk through the house Ben finds it very odd. 59. Although it shares no characters with the 2001 film The Glass House, it was marketed as a thematic sequel. Later, Abby is seen sleeping, and Eve injects her with an unknown substance. The film tells the story of Abby (Jordan Hinson) and Ethan Snow (Bobby Coleman), who lose their parents in a tragic accident and are adopted by Eve (Angie Harmon) and Raymond Goode (Joel Gretsch), two seemingly-ideal parents who have recently lost a child of their own, David. At first things seem good, but the first oddity manifests when Ethan gets his own room with a bathroom close to the master bedroom but Abby is given a bedroom far away, up in the tower of the house. Abby falls asleep, quickly, suggesting that it was a sedative of some sort. When the Emperor of China issues a decree that one man per family must serve in the... "Miss World 1970: The launch of a revolution", "If it chooses you, nothing can save you. It's certainly at the top end of this glut of number twos. Read the Glass House 2: The Good Mother plot and find out who is in the cast and crew at All rating descriptors are copied from IMDb With Angie Harmon, Joel Gretsch, Jordan Danger, Bobby Coleman. My annual tradition is to binge-watch horror movies from August 1 to October 31. ", "Everyone ends up in the same damned place. Includes made for TV and DTV titles. They are not allowed to make phone calls either. After Abby tries to get away in the car again, she is stopped by Raymond, who Abby knocks out with a wrench. Abby faces… ‎Glass House: The Good Mother (2006) directed by Steve Antin • Reviews, film + cast • Letterboxd She holds Abby over the railing, but Abby fights back and kicks Eve down the stairs. Their parents' friend, Ben Koch (Jason London), comes over to the house to take the kids to Six Flags, but Raymond tells him that Eve took them to an art gallery.

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