goal zero battery not charging

Do whatever you opened the thing bent on doing, unless you just wanted to see the inside and reassemble it, in which case, all the more power to you. Fuses are good. Use third-party solar panels with a Goal Zero Yeti, How to charge a Yeti power station faster, 10 things you should know before buying a Goal Zero Yeti. Renogy Lithium Vs Battle Born Batteries, Review & Comparison. Goal Zero Yeti 500X Portable Power Station, 505Wh Portable Lithium Battery Emergency Power Station, Outdoor Solar Generator, 120V AC Pure Sine Wave Inverter, 12V Car Port, 6mm, USB C PD, USB A Port 4.5 out of 5 stars 168 Next I took the fuse out of the Sherpa for 60 seconds to let it reset. In my particular case, the issue was exactly as I'd guessed: the USB cable wasn't getting power to the PCB. ( Log Out /  Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. It should screw right out, and you can remove the glued screw from the key with your hands or a gentle hammer tap. Searching for replacement Sherpa battery packs yielded nothing online only a recall for the unit although this one didn’t fall into that category. Set all that aside. If you have a Yeti Lithium power station 1000 or larger you can’t replace the battery right now, but you can add an expansion kit that increases the capacity of your power station. It sounds bad that it can only use half of its capacity, but you can get more cycles out of it by doing so. After drilling out the hole in the case for the new cable to allow it to fit, I soldered it in and glued the leads down to the board. This time finding two cells above 4 volts with the others at 3.5 volts. Then discharged to around 40% and it would then charge to full. You can not replace the batteries in any of the Yeti Lithium power stations. So the reason for this Instructable is twofold. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Any suggestions for where to look or forums that might have guidance? There should be a thin, green gasket running the length of the edge of one of the halves, don't loose it as it is an integral part of what makes the speaker waterproof. 2 months ago It's glued down to the side of the case, with quite a lot of glue, so I suspect it'll be difficult to remove. On a regular four wire USB cable, the four wires are usually colored- the white and green wires are the data wires I mentioned, while the red and black are the power wires. Reply I have the same problem but would definitely be helped by a visual example if you have it! Also please keep in mind that i have no prior experience in this sort of work and hopefully you can dumb down any answers i receive. The battery is a small lithium pouch cell- likely no more than 500 mAh. Share it with us! Replacing it should be easy enough so long as you're good at soldering coated audio wire. Hopefully you found this useful, let me know if you have any questions! Goal Zero sells replacement batteries, but you can also buy other brands. But if you travel fulltime in an RV or van and use it every single day, you might go through 300 cycles in a year, and then the battery would only last for about two years before you would notice that the battery won’t hold much of a charge any longer. garage sale for something like a quarter retail price, with the tag saying "Returned- Battery would not hold charge." Any idea how big the battery is? At this point, you'll see there are four exposed Phillips head screws, these are recessed into thin holes so you'll probably need an especially thin screwdriver. Seems the problem on mine is that the wires connecting the USB port to the cable were stripped with use... guessing I need to replace the whole cable right? Interesting, thanks for sharing! I decided to replace the two four volt cells. As such, the photos are not the most wonderful but they should get things across. on Step 5. They said they would have to mail me an empty box because apparently we can’t reuse the original shipping carton due to some regulation. The pack charged to 60% then 80% but not 100%. Comment below! Here is a video from Goal Zero on how their Link expansion kit works. How is the solar panel and speaker hooked to the battery that is already in there? My task now is to desolder the cable and replace it with a fresh, new working one (much cheaper than a new battery, thank goodness). If you have a 200X or 400 Lithium there is not much you can do. You might get an answer from somebody that has more experience with the Yeti 1250 and an issue like that. Second, I just got a new (to me) camera and I wanted some practice using it. You should do this by pushing where the faceplate was down 'into' the case. Question Repairing Goal Zero Sherpa 50 Battery. Portable Disco V2 -Sound Controlled LED's, DIY Interactive Animated Pumpkins - 3D Printed | Raspberry Pi, Write in Braille With B.E.E! Dang, a quick order of two more cells from Amazon and was on my way again. Just think I'm lousy at this? You'll see now in the forward facing half that most of your electronics are open to you... but there's a big rectangular thingy in the way of getting to them. garage sale for something like a quarter retail price, with the tag saying "Returned- Battery would not hold charge." Hello there, I am Jesse. I love my speaker and hate to throw it into a land field./: I have no idea how to solder cabels but I'm going to try. That’s good to know. There, now that's cleared up, let's go! Be careful, they're designed to look pretty and not to be removed easily. First, I couldn't find anything anywhere on the web about how to open up this speaker, and I needed to repair it. Mine arrived and turned on but displayed a bad battery error message. Be careful, the silver bit with the Goal Zero logo cutout will fall out easily when the faceplate and metal grille are removed. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! There’s almost no pics of the inside or hacks by others on the net. For some reason, the expansion kit batteries are lead-acid AGM batteries and not lithium, so you would have to take care of them more than with lithium and not discharge it below 50%. Looks like the pack is designed to be about 11 volts, two cells in parallel x3 then connected in series. After a discharge cycle I can’t get it to charge above 60%. So I tore it down and searched again. Once I had the two bad cells replaced and the Sherpa back together it would only charge up to 60%. You can also look for guides on repairing headphone cables, as those are similar to the audio cord used in this speaker. You'll find things pretty intuitive to even the amateur electrician, just note that the tacky glue all over the ports and wires can be removed easily enough with a razor blade and caution. Welcome to The Solar Addict. In this unit two cells seemed to be bad as they had nearly zero volts. I picked up this Goal Zero ROCKOUT 2 speaker at an R.E.I. I’m not sure why, assuming that another couple cells were low or the pack needed to be balanced. Did you look at how the audio cable attached at all? Especially in something like a power station that some might use every day. These three batteries are easy to replace. Most USB cables have four wires- two carry power (5v DC) and two carry data. Here are a couple of battery replacements that are actually upgrades compared to the original battery, and they have no issues fitting the cases. I thought let’s rip this thing apart and see if we can repair it. How do I make the Yeti battery last longer? Do you happen to have any pictures from when you did your power cable repair? I would like to replace it with a 10,000 or 20,000 mAh power bank that can charge devices. This was also a good opportunity to show my support for the Goal Zero brand while adhering to my shoestring budget. (it does turn on though). You can replace the batteries in the Yeti 150, 400, and 1250. There should be another green gasket with this guy too, don't lose that. A blog about my tinkering, consumerism and whatever else. Remove the eight screws on the front face of the speaker with a 2mm Allen key. I am making a similar repair to a broken unit (the USB connecor is broken) I tried to sacrifice an existing 4-wire USB cable and splice it onto the existing power cable, as only the connector is damaged ... but when I stripped the speaker's power cord, I realized it is only two, bare coper wires (one is tinted darker than the other) any advice on how I could splice this onto an existing 4-wire USB cable and get it charging again? One way to do that is to not let it discharge to under 50%. I thought it a lovely looking and utilitarian speaker for an outdoorsman such as myself, and also a good challenge for my DIY and electronics skills. It was really easy to get the Sherpa apart. Goal Zero has videos about how to replace batteries in each of the Yeti power stations that it’s possible with. It would be more practical to keep a smaller 2-cell battery bank inside of it in the mesh pocket. Ideally you would replace all of the cells at once but I only purchased four replacement cells, also it would be great to spot weld them back into the pack. I ran the pack low by charging my phone with it and tried again to charge it. That 600 covers shipping at least back to me as I didn’t ask if they cover shipping to them. Once these are taken out and set aside where you won't loose them, you can carefully pull apart the plastic shell into two halves. ( Log Out /  Unscrew the four Phillips head screws holding this resonator-thingy in there (should be the same exact kind of screw as the last four) and carefully set it aside. I was able to find a pack of four of these on Amazon for $20.00 USD. Can anyone help? I’m not sure why, assuming that another couple cells were low or the pack needed to be balanced. The cells are LGABB41865 LG 2600mAh. That would make the Yeti function like new, and you could use it for another couple of years. 3 years ago. I rummaged around the house for something with a spare USB end, but the only extra cable I could find was shielded, making it thicker and stiffer than the original. I thought I’d take a gamble and order a broken Goalzero Sherpa on eBay, the seller had several listed with no more details other than they were broken. ( Log Out /  I opened up mine to repair an issue with the power system, and after removing some of the glue that's everywhere in this thing, a multimeter test showed me power was not making it from one end of the USB cable to the circuit board. Batteries are batteries, they don’t last forever. As each solar panel and recharger varies in size, we put together a running time and charge time table on all of our product pages so you can gain a full understanding of what products are capable to handle your charging needs. What this 'ible boils down to is a good walkthrough of my teardown of the speaker, and what to look out for as you disassemble it on your own. About: Avionics technician, home mechanic, furry, entrepreneur, and college student. Now, you should have access to all the juicy electronic bits on the inside! Yeti 150 – Replacement battery VMAX 15Ah 12V – 1Ah larger than original, Yeti 400 – Replacement battery VMAX 35Ah 12V – 2Ah larger than original, Yeti 1250 – Replacement battery VMAX 125Ah 12V – 25Ah larger than original. With the other two cells replaced I packaged it back up and started charging again. It should come away freely. So am I screwed if I have a Yeti Lithium that won’t hold a charge? 2 months ago.

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