henry moore mother and child sculpture

Sculpture Garden: Wed – Sun, 9:30 am – 5 pm The child is seeking with its bird’s beak for its mother’s breast, although it cannot drink but only wound; the jagged comb of the mother’s face is deadly, not even human, let alone motherly; the theme turns into its opposite, the human or divine into the diabolical. Tate’s, In 1974 Moore explained his intentions behind making. LH 191. )± Medium Burgundy stone. A mother and a child so connected and in-tuned with each other’s senses. Share. See Tate Public Records TG 92/344/2. The brown colours of this sculpture were probably made using potassium polysulphide. Welcome to your new home on WordPress.com. The piece, created in 1931, is described by Moore as "one of my best earlier pieces" and was bought by … Conceived in 1956 as a model for Henry Moore’s famed large-scale sculpture Mother and Child with Apple, the present maquette puts forward one of the most iconic and highly sought after motifs in the British sculptor’s oeuvre. The wooden base is covered with a copper sheet, which is fixed underneath with copper nails. Graphite, wax crayon, watercolour wash on paper, Photo: Michel Muller, Henry Moore Foundation Archive. Moore treated the subject of mother and child repeatedly. There are a number of holes in the underside of the base, which suggest it may previously have been used for another purpose. Henry Moore, Volume One: Sculpture and Drawings 1921-1948: 4th edition, edited by David SYLVESTER, with an introduction by Herbert READ. He continued to explore this aspect of the subject in the 1950s. Once again the artist’s intuition has given shape to an archetypal situation: the eternal and insatiable longing of those who are bound to a negative mother. This abstract sculpture is made out of white travertine marble and is 157 inches tall with a width and depth of 72 inches. LH 167. You can use a text widget to display text, links, images, HTML, or a combination of these. Reclining Figures and Reclining Mother & Child. 5th edition, edited by David SYLVESTER, with an introduction by Herbert READ. Perhaps because of its violent subject matter. I wanted this to seem as though the child was trying to devour its parent – as though the parent, the mother had to hold the child at arm’s length. New Orleans, Louisiana 70124 | Map Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Mother and Child. Date 1931. Fax: 504.658.4199, Hours Henry Moore: Complete Sculpture, Volume 1, Sculpture 1921-48. Constructing Post-War New British Sculpture through Exhibition Practices’. This sculpture represents a mother holding her child. Exhibitions. Tate cannot acquire works of art by artists while they are serving as trustees. We built a foundry in miniature of our own, and throughout one year I cast some eight or ten things into bronze’. as perhaps the most negative expression of the mother-and-child idea in the whole of Moore’s work. This figure, which the title indicates is a child, lunges forward with a gasping mouth towards the woman’s almost spherical breast, but appears to be held back by the woman’s left hand, which is clasped tightly around the child’s long neck.

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