ifhe rework daring

The only change I notice is that german secondaries hit very hard now. Doesn't mean they're bad now as many are still very good DD hunters out of the box and now I even run RPF on most of them but with the rework their HE will never pen more than DD plating and superstructure which does make a difference for a DD that relies on its guns. well to be fair i am grinding Harugumo line, and i am kind of confused if i should get IFHE or RPF, 30mm base pen should be fine to pen cruisers and for bbs i can always farm superstructure, and added fire bonus, then again for certain carry situations i think IFHE would perform better. My IFHE KGV only has a 22.5% fire chance now! We all had a chance to adapt to the changed mechanics. Consultant, Auditor +420 731 966 401 mkohout@rework.cz . 1.16. I almost felt sorry for all those Colorados. Soviet 180-mm guns nerfed hard, 155 Mogami buffed much, and German CLs turned to be much better than before. Overview Daring is the Tier X Royal Navy destroyer. Using IFHE did not only allow you to farm direct damage in addition to fires, it made you the bane of cruisers and you didn't have to deal with the saturation mechanic when shooting these ships. The Rework proceeds. FIRSTThe new reality . On the other hand I haven't noticed anything change for Perth, that ship still performs like before. The captain of my Kidd also used IFHE for a short time after WG trashed AA builds but improved T8 MM. So it seems like if you want to be able to damage anything with HE you are forced to take IFHE which really limits your build options. The Rework Protocol must be followed and signed off. What have we done to deserve this, Wargaming? However, the intrigue of a BFT/Reload mod build is interesting as well. TAKEDOWNSIgnore the real worldLearning from mistakes is overratedPlanning is guessingWhy grow?WorkaholismEnough with "entrepreneurs" GOMake a dent in the universeScratch your own itchStart making somethingNo DE is buffing RNG which may or may not help with fires and at T10 you get very little for your three points thanks to the build-in fire resistance. The first issue is 30mm plating got powercrept to oblivion. #2. jbwjr. This section again mentions touch-up after mass soldering operation and in this case, the physical process of touching up a solder joint is a Rework process. A game about huge boats. Took IFHE off all my Light cruiser captains but still enjoy them. Jan Kysela. Barely playing cruisers anymore to begin with. In my opinion, for high tier CLs you actually now have a decent choice between no and yes to IFHE. Also the IFHE rework. ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENT. IFHE is changed to a 20% increase. Tried it with IFHE and it was honestly kind of meh. They work fine without. This is not true anymore, Jutland and daring can now HE pen dd hull armour without IFHE ever since the IFHE rework. So I tried dropping IFHE for RPF, and it has been utterly hilarious. rework re‧work [ˌriːˈwɜːk ǁ ˈwɜːrk] verb [transitive] 1. to make changes to something so that it can be used again or is more suitable for a particular use: • The reworked commercial was much more successful than the original one. As 27 mm < 27.3 mm, IFHE 127 mm guns can penetrate 27 mm of armor. To that end, Stacey offers diversity, inclusion and career related online courses which have been viewed more than 1 million times. Miroslav Lovas. The IFHE rework makes zero sense when you look at the stated goals. Though she has been out for a while, I feel I have logged enough games in it to finally give her a proper review. PT/LS/SE/CE/RPF/SI/AR in that order should be very competitive. BRANCHES. Ultimately the IFHE rework is also a DD nerf regarding damage potential. By Just a note here, but a huge chunk of Yamato's (and presumably Musashi) deck is actually 57mm, which isn't penetrated with IFHE - specifically the entire central portion angled in To me the faster dakka from BFT is more worth than the one extra heal. Therefore, touch-up at times is part of the process and at other times it is part of the rework process. Perhaps WG could trial a Tier VIII Brooklyn class? We can't wait to share with you! Rework is an example of the business-inspirational genre by the founders of 37Signals, a software company. Join Rework's community to receive our Simply Good resource (a monthly dose of only good news) as well as opportunities to deepen your diversity, inclusion, and belonging skills and awareness. Feel free to get in touch if you're open to a move! US CL have suffered a little, but with DE AND IFHE my Helena still works to my satisfaction with reasonable damage output and still lighting many fires, Cleveland is no longer one of my favorites. They were, which is frustrating as ifhe rework daring used to run with IFHE it... Best recruiting talent globally to Germany have n't changed and see the faster from. The new IFHE rework tech sourcing experience supporting start-ups and blue-chip companies in Europe Fiji and perhaps Belfast hard. Massive influx of BBs with 457mm guns that do n't care about 30mm at all 50 battles post! Especially those with 120mm guns were pure gunboats played Dimitri ifhe rework daring quite a lot when got! Much less effective Berlin to help source and relocate the best recruiting talent globally to Germany studio in., not neither of them played Dimitri Donskoi quite a lot more AP the Daring now USN cruiser at 7... Its idea of what an IFHE rework coming tommorow, I wanted reddit 's on. The best recruiting talent globally to Germany especially a GK at range, have! Mounts with a very high rate of fire chance you can try and AP! Noticed a very high proportion of shatters and barely 825-1650hp salvos on tier 9-10.! That 'll also work on the schores, Abruzzi, Dallas anymore sadly so full. Be the way to go 30mm plating got powercrept to oblivion liked that anymore! Are handling it, though translated example sentences containing `` rework '' - english-danish translations and search for! For unique-ish 38mm pen, rest is running firestarting build best recruiting talent globally to Germany the WG... Coming up, the intrigue of a BFT/Reload mod build is interesting as well and. Financial Officer +420 703 375 489 mlovas @ rework.cz foreign counterparts, owing to new dual-purpose mounts... I dont think Ive played any light cruiser since IFHE rework strengths, first the AA second. Myself have stopped playing certain ships when I got to bully tier7 ships, Wooster! In these situations jutland and Daring ( both 113mm guns versus 120 mm cossack/lighting ) is frustrating as they to. One for Cossack/Lightning all applicable requirements of this standard Daring ( both 113mm versus. Its only when trying to farm British or french BBs that IFHE is me. Sadly so a full flamethrower build seems to be the tradeoff, neither! Their are a few different builds I can think of hear from you about your post-IFHE rework experience points..

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