is tiger cruise based on a true story

That's just what the US Navy actually calls these things, for reasons lost on any not scholars of military jargon. The shots in the beginning of the movie featuring Maddie's home were filmed at Orange Lake Country Club in Kissimmee, Florida. Sick of moving frequently and spending long stretches without him, Maddie unleashes all of her pent-up teen angst on dad. At the same time, Kenny confronts Anthony about what happened and says it was a mistake for him to come onto the ship. As news comes in on the morning of Sept. 11, the ship is put on full alert. Based on real events, “Tiger Cruise” never feels exploitative or opportunistic. It stars Hayden Panettiere and Bill Pullman. On September 12, 2001, the full moon was shown. As tensions between Maddie and her father come to a head, Commander Dolan succumbs to what seems more like emotional blackmail than an honest plea for family unity; he tells Maddie he won’t re-enlist. It is also another DCOM to be "inspired by true events". Maddie is befriended on the cruise by Tina Torres (Bianca Collins), a chatty Latino teen who idolizes her pilot sister, and the surly Anthony (Nathaniel Lee Jr.), a street-wise New Yorker indifferent to his jet mechanic brother and to life in general. In order to accomplish this, Maddie accepts her father's offer to participate in Operation Tiger, a week-long cruise for military families and their friends aboard his aircraft carrier. However, before Tina can take other pictures of the next jet taking off, the instructor spots them and has the guards chase them. 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Based on real events, “Tiger Cruise” never feels exploitative or opportunistic. Careless about the rules not to go to the deck, they, now go along with Anthony, ask Gary the same question, and yet, he too refuses. But Maddie has a plan to convince her dad to quit the military for good. Pullman seems born to play the stiff parental-authority figure who’s just soft enough to crack under pressure from a big pair of sad eyes. Actual crew members of the Stennis were used as extras, and a few can be seen wearing Stennis ballcaps instead of the prop Constellation caps. And director Duwayne Dunham is careful to distinguish between solemn and maudlin, serious and sentimental… When Grace hears that they want to be at the deck taking pictures of her jet taking off, she refuses. The hull numbers of all three ships are visible at various times throughout the movie. The kids manage to hide in the stairs leading down. Maddie, while comforting passengers young and old, experiences in first-hand of her father's honor, courage, and commitment to his family and his will to make sacrifices for his country and now, he will have to stay with the military, which upsets Maddie. Nimitz. It’s a bold move for Disney, which has made ratings hay with feel-good teen romps. Maddie Dolan, an artistic teenager from San Diego, is on a mission to convince her father Gary Dolan, a U.S. Navy Commander (O-5) and executive officer of the USS Constellation (CV-64), to throw aside his career and come home, where she believes he belongs. The ship goes into high alert, with many of the passengers in fear and confusion, but also showing mental strength. There, they are disguised as pilots and proceed to take the pictures of her sister's jet taking off and a few others. Tiger Cruise is one of only two DCOMs to receive a TV-PG rating and a "Viewer discretion" warning due to intense and/or disturbing scenes and/or images; the other is Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior. The result is a respectful, cathartic story, especially for those kids unable to articulate their feelings about the terrorist attacks. It’s a story that needs little embellishment, and Dunham is careful to sidestep too many details regarding the attacks. Later that evening, Maddie apologizes to her father for what she, Anthony, and Tina did. The world changed that day, and it would be a disservice to assume kids didn’t feel the change too. The film's fictional events are intertwined with the real-life events of the September 11, 2001 attacks. Writers Anna Sandor and Bruce Graham deserve kudos for filtering a tough story through the eyes of kids without diluting the message. Pic still carries many Disney hallmarks — a burgeoning teen-queen star, a catchy theme song and predictable subplots, but marks a departure from the net’s usual fairytale formula. The jet crashed on either the runway or in the ocean during a practice maneuver, he says, and everyone is serious about this. Tiger Cruise is a fictional story inspired by actual events aboard the USS Constellation (CV-64), as well as 9/11. Suddenly, all the doors that were open to visitors are slamming shut and the civilians have been herded below deck to watch the disturbing news. For a long time, Maddie has resisted joining in the military tradition of the Tiger Cruise, a program that allows families to join their loved ones on a weeklong tour of operations. Very Loosely Based on a True Story: The actual Constellation really was between Pearl Harbor and San Diego on 9/11 on a normal tiger cruise at the end of its deployment. Much of the movie was shot on board USS John C. Stennis with additionally filming on board USS Nimitz (the Constellation was decommissioned before production started). However when they emerge out of the stairs, thinking that they have evaded capture, two of the guards catch them and they are arrested for the crime. This selective tactic works for the story, deftly illustrating the lack of information and feelings of helplessness in those first confusing hours. Constellation, which made naval history for being the first ship to go on full combat alert with hundreds of civilians aboard — many of them kids — when the twin towers and Pentagon were attacked. She gives the pic heart, and in true Disney star form, also provides the vocals for the theme song, “My Hero Is You,” written by Jamie Houston. Images of the smoking towers are brief but effective. Tiger Cruise is a Disney Channel Original Movie from 2004, starring Hayden Panettiere and Bill Pullman (Hayden's brother Jansen and Jennette McCurdy also appear); despite the title and the channel, it's not about animals but rather set aboard a cruise for military families.

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