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During the conference, James Scurlock’s father said he wants changes made with self-defense laws in Nebraska. We both believe criminal charges against Jake — her cousin and my former classmate — are warranted in this case due to a critical, so-far-under-reported piece of the puzzle: Jake, the killer and instigator, is racist. "I think awareness, community awareness, community engagement is always helpful in changing any system,” Wayne said. Cold blood is not when black men tackle you to the ground after you tell them to not loot your store, then shooting them while being attacked by them. Also please look into the laws as we do not have a stand your ground law when it comes to businesses etc. Aside from race-reversing, this hypothetical mirrors Jake Gardner’s killing of James Scurlock in every material respect: In anticipation of racial-injustice protests, downtown bar-owners like Gardner were advised to clear the area and leave the law-enforcement to law enforcement; Gardner nonetheless came, illegally carrying a concealed weapon and declaring on Facebook he was ready “to pull 48 hours of military style firewatch”; Gardner confronted the unarmed Scurlock and others, accusing them of vandalizing his bar — even though he had no evidence that they had vandalized his bar, and in fact they had not vandalized his bar; Gardner’s father revved-up the verbal altercation into a physical one, twice shoving a woman near Scurlock before another group member pushed him back; and when Gardner showed his gun and began firing shots, Scurlock — at all times unarmed, and until then completely removed from the physical conflict — jumped on his back, at which point Gardner shot and killed him. Justice for #JamesScurlock. We want this to go with justice and go peacefully." I am only publishing these sick remarks to illustrate the evil there is the world. Do I need to start the sentence with “giT r DoNe” or “dOnt TrEaD oN mE bRo” for you to understand? This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google. This petition starter stood up and took action. A) charge the officer B) run c) grab your gun d) put your hands in the air. Omaha Public Power District is warning of a new scam that is asking for customers to pay for a meter replacement. Why does it matter if the victim has a criminal record ? Gardner was attacked and defended himself. Last week, she took to Twitter and outed cousin Jake as a “white supremacist.”. YOU are the problem. Most bars’ Yelp reviews complain of bad service, watered-down drinks, or weird ambiance. You think you know someone until they shoot a black man in the neck twice and spew racial slurs. Tempestuous television presenter Phillip Schofield bizarrely claims to have been murdered in a past life because of a debt. The past weeks have shown that damning evidence combined with popular, peaceful uprising can be powerful forces in making change. JUSTIFIED. Who tf you think you are to think that way ?! So here it is, my former classmate, in my own backyard: Jake Gardner is racist, his racism is highly relevant in assessing his motive, intent, and the legitimacy of his self-defense claim in the killing an unarmed black man at a BLM protest, and he deserves criminal prosecution. We demand justice for James Scurlock. Moreover, self-defense is unavailable where the shooter, with the purpose of seriously harming another, “provoked the use of force against himself in the same encounter.” I believe substantial evidence suggests Gardner purposely started the very fight that he ended with his gun, again negating his self-defense claim. That you defend someone who shot someone else is bad enough, but that you then smear the poor victim’s name is another. Or are you some kind of sociopath misanthrope like these violent rioters? There is a widely-spread video of Scurlock’s murder and many witnesses. Jake Gardner, who shot and killed James Scurlock last weekend during a Black Lives Matter protest, was my high school classmate. Jake is a great guy and a former Marine. The white man who murdered James Scurlock (a 22 year old black unarmed protestor) in Omaha Saturday night is free. You miserable creep. The only racism here is Scurlocks, who picked a fight with a white man because he hates whites. Jake is just some republican marine, I on the other hand am a nazi and I will be shooting pavement apes like you for fun and pleasure and I’ll never be caught. And another one gone another one bites the dust. His daughter lost a father. Do you want to join Facebook? James Scurlock was wrongfully killed Saturday night May 30th by James Gardner who owns the Gatsby bar and club on 12th and Harney in downtown Omaha Nebraska. “People didn't love the language we were speaking, but they heard it and change was made at a result of it,” Riley said. Anthea Turner swings into an interview with ‘The Sun’ and shares that she had therapy over her tacky ‘Flakegate’ wedding photos. March to demand Justice for James. Gardner’s”? You thugs need to get used to people defending themselves from your unprovoked offensive violence. Shame on you. My Sister and I Are the Victims. He looked so scared.” As he lay bleeding, contorted atop a puddle of water and construction equipment, James asked Alicia to help him lift his neck. Auctioneers Christie’s sought to sell five waste bins for £230; they ultimately went for the astounding sum of just under £34,000. Please take up more power and leadership in the community. Tue, Aug 11 CDT at Omaha City Hall. This weekend I was again convicted by the words of Chicago Tribune columnist Dahleen Glanton: “White people, you are the problem. You should be outraged. Jake is a known racist, us people of color avoided the hive because of him. Copyright 2020 Scripps Media, Inc. All rights reserved. “We just fully expected them to fail James.”. Assistant U.S. Attorney Frederick Franklin, Governor Pete Ricketts: please do everything in your power to raise awareness and prosecute Jake Gardner to the fullest extent of the law. Call the Douglas county attorney’s office as well at 402-444-4070 to demand justice. Black people, for the most part, are powerless to stop racism. In the video that other guy says something like “stop, he aint worth it, he’s got a gun”. Or would he be quickly released, his killing justified as self-defense? He caused this. For months, “Justice for James” has been chanted in the streets of Omaha, continuing to bring attention to the decisions in this case. If the criminal that got shot history doesn’t matter, it shouldn’t matter what political party the bar owner belongs to. OMAHA, Neb. Gardner must be mentally unhinged. But I believe it’s absolutely vital that they charge him and try. I’ll never forget the look on his face. This Is What Happened 4 Times I Reported My Rapist. As prosecutors seek to withhold evidence from alleged Mossad operative Ghislaine Maxwell, the mucky madam has hired a lawyer whose previous clients have been mostly terrorists. Here is a summary of new cases and other COVID-19 stats reported today by health officials across Nebraska & Iowa. Seeing a group of white men in the distance, he shouts and confronts them, then backtracks and reveals the gun as they draw closer. James was passionate for Justice, but today his fight ended as he was shot and killed downtown Omaha while protesting for the same Justice he deserves. >> james scurlock … 391 guests . Within just seven hours of being made live, the page had raised over £32,000 ($40,000) for the late Mr Scurlock’s family whilst elsewhere on Twitter, filmed footage of the incident had gone viral. There is a widely-spread video of Scurlock’s murder and many witnesses. Election night watch parties will have a different look this year, both parties in Douglas County plan to be safe as they celebrate or mourn election night results, but the parties will deal with election night in different ways. Which points out the false narrative, why would that guy say to Scurlock “Stop he aint worth it” unless Scurlock was attacking Jake? In fact, that’s outright self defense. Gardner was taken into police custody for HIS protection. James Scurlock got his Justice: In the form of a *bullet*. FUCK ANYBODY WHO SUPPORTS HIM! I found the video very upsetting. Jake Gardner, who shot and killed James Scurlock last weekend during a Black Lives Matter protest, was my high school classmate. Will you do the same? It’s so frustrating you guys. Let me break it down for you, having a criminal record does NOT MEAN YOU CAN GO SHOOTING AT SOMEONE AND TAKING THEIR LIFE AWAY. FUCK YOU IF YOU TRY TO JUSTIFY HIS ACTIONS! As Erik Menendez is undeservedly thrown in ‘the hole’ in the most ludicrous fashion in California, Matthew Steeples suggests it is time both him and his equally abused brother Lyle were finally released. “There was just no way for there to be a full, fair, complete investigation.". I do not doubt that our public prosecutors face legitimate obstacles in convicting Gardner. This petition starter stood up and took action. James Scurlock’s father pushes for change in Nebraska’s self-defense laws, Douglas County political parties prepare for election night amid pandemic, What to know about the Nebraska’s three expanded gambling initiatives, Omaha Star newspaper introduces new publisher, Councilman Gray proposes mask ordinance stay put until COVID-19 metrics diminish, Nebraska, Iowa update unemployment claim numbers, Salvation Army’s Christmas Assistance application process goes virtual, SCAM ALERT: OPPD warns of new meter replacement scam, Sarpy County Sheriff’s Office looks for 12-year-old runaway, Thursday Oct. 22 COVID-19 update: 223 new cases, 3 deaths in Douglas County.

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