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And, I wanted to get the money that he was getting. It wasn’t go to Shan and do it; I wasn’t the producer dude, I was just the rhymer doing what I do. So Eric brought Rakim through. MC Shan: Look, that right there, I said what I said and that’s what it is. So I say that I’m happy that it went the way that it did, because if it didn’t go any other way our songs might’ve just came and went like a whole bunch of other artists that got songs that came out and now you don’t even know who they are 20 years later. DX: Oh, okay. Did y’all ever like converse and deal with those issues y’all had? If you find any content that is violating any copyrights law, please send me an e-mail, All Reviews are taken from third party websites (amazon,, wikipedia, etc..). I went at any and everybody in the game. Like I said, I was a wild boy back then. 46 replies @hiphop 103: Oct 20 - Ice Cube Responds to DL Hughley. : The Best of M.C. And if I don’t respond to these things it just keeps going where it’s going. Born to Be Wild is the second album released by Juice Crew member and East Coast rapper DX: Did you ever try to go to another label though to like try and break out of the contract? I’m still wild in my old age but I’m a little calmer. But like I said in the song, “You not catching me doing anything, boy, so catch me.”. I was just wild. DX: Yeah, that’s true. You made him somebody. So I didn’t really care about [my solo career], especially to do another record with Cold Chillin’ to get jerked. Just to defend what we doing like, “Y’all say we can’t rhyme over things like that, okay, here’s what it is.” I made a House record, [“Ain’t It Good To You”], with some rhymes on it. But Lenny Fischelberg is no longer on this planet with us. Even As A Raiders Fan, Too $hort Has The Perfect Opinion Of Colin Kaepernick's Protests, Lecrae On Ferguson Riots: "We've Forgotten The Government Works For Us", Meet The Young L.A. Producer Whose Beats Brought Out The Old Kanye, Slimkid3 Explains How Brian Austin Green & Korn Aided The Pharcyde’s Rift, Could Bay Area Slaps & UK Rap Hybrids Be The Future? LL Cool J was wearing Troop and I was dissin’ LL, and that was the bottom line. As far as my beats, anything that [Marley] did of mine, he did from scratch. The cocky wordsmith simultaneously engaged in impressive lyrical exercises atop Marley’s music to wop to, which was driven by the then revolutionary process of sampling drum-driven breakbeats. has learned that legendary rapper Rapper MC Shan was up for THE role in Fresh Prince of Bel Air - instead of Will Smith. What piece of your ass did you give up? And while he subsequently released just three full-length’s (1987’s inarguable classic, Down By Law, its almost equally engrossing follow-up, 1988’s Born To Be Wild, and the more musical, Marley-less effort, 1990’s Play It Again, Shan), the take-no-shit spitter made more of an impact on the game in just a few short years than most artists do over the course of their entire careers. I ain’t give a fuck about a record, I ain’t give a fuck about a label, none of that shit. But, “Puma’s the brand ‘cause the Klan makes Troop’s” was ‘cause we all knew who was wearing Troop’s at that point. is where I’m from, nigga, what’s my name? Straight up, he did all of mine. [Pics], I Would Take Raven Over Bernice! And why I didn’t get that fuckin’ part was because I called Benny Medina a faggot. The night before at the Red Parrot – there’s witness to this too, I think Andre Harrell might’ve been there that night and a couple of other people – LL walks up to me and he says to me, “You better not show up in Syracuse tomorrow.” I looked at L, and then turned my back to that nigga like, “Yeah, alright, whatever.” And even then niggas thought, “Yo, this nigga’s crazy.” But I didn’t care. Anybody will tell you that about me back then. There’s a thing on the bottom of my cover that says “MC Shan Music, Administered by Warner Brothers.” Warner Brothers ain’t forwarding me nothing, on anything! IF You Found a DL link that is broken.. PLZ msg me!! Jimmy Henchman Found Guilty For Hiring Hitman To Kill 50 Cent.. Mc Shan Runs Down On KRS-One Dressing Room At The Barclays Looking For KRS He Still Wants Smoke [...], Mc Shan Says Jay Z Biting His Flo And Says Stop Throwing Shots And Say Who You Talking Too. DX: Speaking of playing live music for songs …. DX: I was an avid Yo! I might not have liked everything that was in the sample, so I’d just take the bassline and play it over, or a little keyboard part, play it over. You said in your “True Stories” video last month that “Marley did sucker shit” including taking production credit for songs various members of The Juice Crew produced on their own albums. {pics]. I seen a video where Ace said that Ace was the first one that really demanded his production credits. [Pics] I Would Take Raven Over Bernice! Anybody that knows me from back then they know I was a wild boy. I called up to the radio station and said “I’m coming to fuck you up.” [Laughs] These are the things that I used to do, man. You don’t mess with the teacher. I was out on tour with Snow just rappin’ one verse and making money on the production side, the publishing side and everything. The self-avowed “hater” also candidly spoke about the recent news-making YouTube exchanges with his cousin (and revealed if the two will actually tour together as planned this Spring), as well as his original beef with KRS-One for one of Hip Hop’s greatest on-wax wars (and if he regrets responding to the then unknown B.D.P. Is that why you stopped working with Marley after your second album, Born to Be Wild? ‘Cause everybody went to Marley in Queensbridge. I had one show with LL and that was it, over and done. Mc shan was up for fresh prince role but called benny medina a f-ggot. front-man). I showed up in Syracuse and rocked L so bad he didn’t even get on stage. MC Shan: Yeah, but by that time I’ll been done took care of my business and I’ll been had my thing straight. Born to Be Wild is the second album released by Juice Crew member and East Coast rapper MC Shan. [Pics], Mc Shan Runs Down On KRS-One Dressing Room At Barclays Looking For KRS, MC Shan Talks Jay Z 4:44:You Takin Everybody’s Lyrics Including my flow, Krs-One ‘Take Em Out’ (Mc Shan Diss) Video @Iamkrsone, KRS-One – Take Em Out (MC Shan Diss Pt. We only index and link to content provided on other servers. Please try again later. MC Shan: Nope. DX: You and your cousin gonna square this shit away then? DX: Yeah. Because, he thought that it would make them more famous. MC Shan: No, I stopped working with him like that because we wasn’t really getting it right in the studio. MC Shan: I don’t regret nothing I did, or nothing I will do. But all that changed after he insulted Will's manager Benny Medina - and his career took a drastic turn. If you need a good .mp3 or any other audio format PLAYER.. Get Winamp or Itunes (Both of 'em can be found for free), 5. I was getting millions of dollars with Snow. I just know there’s another album coming out. Did you ever converse with them about at first reppin’ their gear hard and then going after them like that? If I’m so irrelevant, then why I got three and four and five best-of MC Shan’s out? But back then I was ballin’ out, so I ain’t give a shit about that. But me, I was ready to go until we died! Why would I say that; why would I contradict something that I’m doing? As the first superstar to emerge from The Juice Crew (the legendary unit comprised of emcees Shan, Biz Markie, Roxanne Shante, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G. Rap, Masta Ace, Craig G., Tragedy Khadafi, singer T.J. Swan, and helmed by Marley and his WBLS-FM co-worker/founder of Cold Chillin’ Records, Tyrone “Fly Ty” Williams), Shan used his powerful platform to admirably address the early stages of the Crack Epidemic on his classic cuts “Jane, Stop This Crazy Thing” and “Cocaine” (a/k/a the conceptual forefather to Nas’ “I Gave You Power”). But L used to try and bully me and shit. I can deal with it here. I used to do stuff that you wouldn’t even dream of doing nowadays. DX: But a few years later when Nas’ Illmatic drops and then Mobb Deep’s drops, aren’t you thinking to yourself like, “Man, I coulda had those guys”? I got jerked for every other album that I had before, so why would I go and continue [releasing solo albums]? And don’t knock me for saying it, don’t call me a hater, don’t try and make me [stop], don’t try and calm me down, because I’m not that one. Is President” b/w “My Melody,”] came out, that was on them. Ask MC Shan about Will He had fresh prince role before Will. I’m not a fake dude; I don’t do fake things. And, at that point they really didn’t like me too much, because I wasn’t one of the drug dealers but still I was driving around the ‘Bridge in an Audi. 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