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Are we to believe that this date was chosen at random? “Syrian Arch Razed By ISIS And Re-Created With 3D Technology Arrives In New York City.” But what did these assemblages of stone mean to the modern Iraqis and Syrians who lived with them? “A building like the National Gallery or Trafalgar Square, these are major targets by virtue of what they are,” she said. Harris long ago distanced herself from the relationship. In August 2015, this temple was destroyed by ISIS, and most of the world recoiled in terror at the loss of a “cultural heritage site”. 19 September 2016. But they made New York the new Promised Land. The temple has been systematically razed, with the 50-foot-tall arch among the few remaining elements of the building still standing. That is almost five months from now. Get Charisma's best content delivered right to your inbox! This material may not be reproduced without permission. But unlike some of those other ""exhibitions", this one is going to last a whole lot longer than just a few days. Pruitt, Alessandra. "Most Americans," said this reporter "think that Moloch rules New York. Help preserve this vital resource. Except for one, they all died in the 20th century. In ancient times, child sacrifice and bisexual orgies were common practices at the altars of Baal, and now we are putting up a monument of worship to this false god in the heart of our most important city … A lot of secret societies and occult groups have traditions that tell them that Nimrod/Marduk/Osiris/Apollo/Baal will someday be resurrected and will once again rule the world. New Yorkers don't necessarily know about them. He symbolizes the sacrifices that a hunger for gold demands. That is because every morning, as people head to work at the NYSE, they rub its head and its horns hoping it will bring them good luck. According to LifeSite, the statue of Moloch that's been placed at the Colosseum is modeled on one found in the 1914 Italian silent film Cabiria. Over the past few years, there seems to have been a concerted effort to put up symbols from ancient pagan religions in the Middle East in key locations all over the globe. Maybe it is because the U.S. still hasn't gotten over the archipelago's Dutch origins, its religious tolerance (or indifference) or its lax ways. Richardson, Nigel. Horn calls 'Blood on the Altar"! Learn how your comment data is processed. And what makes this even more shocking is that the Colosseum is actually controlled by the Vatican. We sacrifice children to him daily—sometimes, as at Sandy Hook, by directly throwing them into the fire-hose of bullets from our protected private killing machines, sometimes by blighting our children’s lives by the death of a parent, a schoolmate, a teacher, a protector. History reported that the projects encompasses full-scale replicas of the Temple’s arch (not the entire structure): Measuring some 15 meters (nearly 50 feet) high, the entrance arch of Palmyra’s Temple of Bel was one of the few things left standing after the extremist group known as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) sought to systematically destroy the city and its ancient monuments earlier this year. The origin of Beltane can be traced all the way back to the worship of Baal in the ancient Middle East. Tourists that visit the Colosseum in Rome these days are getting quite a shock. Your email address will not be published. In light of Starnes’ departure, Fox News Radio will broadcast “Fox Across America,” which will rely on a rotation of Fox News personalities until a permanent host is chosen, according to TheWrap. “Life Among the Ruins.” On 19 September 2016, the Palmyra arch was unveiled in City Hall Park in Manhattan for a one-week long installation. New York City. “Well, apparently the god they [Democrats] are worshipping is the pagan god of the Old Testament Moloch, who allowed for child sacrifice,” Jeffress said. It is what Tom Moloch whose skyscrapers stand in the long streets like endless Jehovahs! The Molech statue, which has been in front of the Colosseum since September, is part of the Carthago exhibition celebrating Carthaginian culture and art. Scripture also mentions Molech in the books of Leviticus, 1 Kings, 2 Kings, and Jeremiah where God forbids the Jews “t. If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. I have no idea if there is any connection, but I felt that it was noteworthy enough to share with all of you. here to go to the News Alert Sign Up Page, Click They were immortalized in stone, in multinationals, in institutions, in collections of art. Now, as a symbol of defiance against the jihadists who seek to erase the pre-Islamic history of the Middle East, the Palmyra arch will be recreated using a giant 3D printer and erected in prominent locations in London and New York City. In ancient times, those that served Molech would literally sacrifice their children to him, and apparently this involved burning them to death. Six men who shaped the city -- not only physically, which is more or less easy, but also psychologically. If you think that what you have read in this article is a bit strange, the truth is that you haven't seen anything yet. The laws they created are still intact. We are restoring dignity to people.”. The Molech statue, which has been in front of the Colosseum since September, is part of the, Culture and art notwithstanding, some tourists and Roman Catholics are not amused that Molech (one of the most monstrous and terrible pagan deities of the ancient world) sits at the entrance of the, “Standing guard over the entrance was the colossal pagan statue of Moloch. Like apostles in a new New Testament. Potenza, Sarah. Conspiracies are often in the eye of the beholder. Maybe that is why the Pope seems ignorant of what it says. Fall Subscription Offer: Subscribe to Charisma for Only $18 and get Steve Strang's newest book as a free gift, God, Trump, and COVID-19. … [E]veryone that entered into the Colosseum had to pass it. Standing guard over the entrance was the colossal pagan statue of Moloch. Moloch whose fac- tories dream and croak in the fog! This exhibition, called "Cathargo: the immortal myth" could not be held there at all unless permissions were granted at high levels.". He established the very first "New World Order" in the ancient world, and he fundamentally changed the course of human history. The statue of Moloch, worshipped by both the Canaanites and the Phoenicians, is part of an exhibit dedicated to Ancient Rome's once-great rival, the city of Carthage. Interestingly, Rome was just hit by a magnitude 4.4 earthquake. History. Starting with Allen Ginsberg, who would refer to it in his poem Howl: Moloch whose eyes are a thousand blind windows! Tharoor, Kanishk. : The Micro-Needle Vaccine Delivery System, Nasty Nancy Pelosi is a Practicing Catholic Witch, Bill Gates and Microsoft’s Satanic Rituals, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. Denuded of people, stripped of the rich social contexts in which they were once embedded, antiquities appear just as evidence of the grandeur of the past, the accomplishments of another place in another time. In Leviticus 18:21, the people of Israel are specifically warned against sacrificing their children to this monstrous idol... And thou shalt not let any of thy seed pass through the fire to Molech, neither shalt thou profane the name of thy God: I am the Lord. And now a massive statue of this pagan idol is the centerpiece of a new "archaeological exhibition" at the world famous Roman Colosseum. The Six Heads of Moloch Moloch's creator, Arturo Di Mola, was a sculptor that needed some publicity. I also wanted to note that since 2016 is a leap year, April 20 will be the 111th day of the year, and triple numbers are considered to be "power dates" in the occult world.

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