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But there are also testimonies by other ex-bishops and ex-nuns as well as former lay members. There are statements that, indeed, are correct, while there are many claims that are wrong, half-wrong or at least very questionable. A religious order of Carmelites was established in 1975 and, on the death of Pope Paul VI in 1978, Clemente announced that God had crowned him pope, and the Palmarian Church was born. The Church of Christ is: One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic and Palmarian: She is One in the Faith, because the truth revealed by God is the same for all; One in government, because there is one sole visible Head, the Pope; and One in the Sacraments, because they are the same for all the Church’s faithful…. So far, there’s been no sign of the Antichrist, but then again, we’ve still got 12 years to go. Despite historic claims by Palmarian seminarians of sexual abuse within the Church, it remains staunch in denying any issues with celibacy among its clergy. “New Interview with the Palmarian ex-Pope”, “A Robber Ex-Pope and his Wife: From the Beginning to the End”, Research Report on the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem, New Text on the Apostles of Infinite Love, New Edition of My Book on the Palmarian Church, Reservoarpennor: Design, teknik och historia, a long interview with Ginés Jesús Hernández, A Robber Ex-Pope and his Wife: From the Beginning to the End, my extensive documentation and study of the Palmarian Church, Palmar de Troya and the Palmarian Basilica. The book is predominantly set in Spain and features minor sections in Sharjah and Budapest. Brown’s Paloma has a chequered past, not unlike my own, but the big difference is that I didn’t commit suicide in the convent but escaped instead. His new novel focuses on a conclavist group who I believe really exists, called the Palmarian Catholic Church… Members of the Christian Palmarian Church of the Carmelites of the Holy Face, or the Palmarian Catholic Church, exist all over the world, and the truth about their practices is even stranger than fiction. Curiously, these two charitable groups are dedicated to exposing the evil effects of cults and to helping ex-members of the Palmarian Church. At the time, people were known to travel hundreds of miles to bear witness to apparitions and alleged miracles, and before long the little town was full of believers from across the country. Dominguez was also the Palmarian Church’s famed “pope with no eyes.” After losing his eyes in a car accident, he continued to give mass with his eyelids sewn shut. Very good that you, Maria, warned readers of Origins n o t to be attracted by setcs. In a subsequent fight, both two Palmarian bishops and the couple were wounded. He married and now he and his wife are in prison accused of attempted armed robbery. Origin is a 2017 mystery thriller novel by American author Dan Brown and the fifth installment in his Robert Langdon series, following Inferno.The book was released on October 3, 2017 by Doubleday. So glad that you have shared it with the world! ( Log Out /  Since the church’s inception, dozens of individual donations of over $200,000 have come through from anonymous donors, and don’t look like they’re slowing down anytime soon. I have always liked Dan Brown. Accessibility Help. Since I’m not only an ex-Palmarian but also an ex-nun of that Church, I’m fascinated to discover that Dan Brown has taken some of my own very personal story and woven it into Origin, a work of fiction. Shortly after leaving El Palmar, he publicly claimed that the church was a hoax (see my summary of the events). Gems from art history are the key to solving the mystery. On June 20, 2018, the Spanish journal El Confidencial published an extensive article on the Palmarian church, the development throughout the decades and the current situation: “Miedo y asco en el Palmar de Troya: el milenarismo va a llegar” . While several of them reported visions at the site, for the most part, the girls’ vision was dismissed. It’s hidden in the foothills of the Andalusian plains outside of Seville, Spain, and it really does exist. However, in the subsequent fight, Hernández was severely injured, while the others escaped with less serious physical injuries. Dan Brown and the Palmarian Church, Or What is this Thing Called Research by Magnus Lundberg? My conclusion is that there is nothing that indicates that Brown any individual research on the matter, let alone any thorough investigation, and has misunderstood several things in even the most easily available online sources. I sincerely hope no one is converted to the Palmarian Church after reading ‘Origin’ because that Church offers nothing of worth to anyone. She won’t be dreaming about it tonight! Though Dan Brown’s Origin is a work of fiction, as in earlier works in the Robert Langdon series, he claims that the book is based on thorough research. Though Dan Brown’s Origin is a work of fiction, as in earlier works in the Robert Langdon series, he claims that the book is based on thorough research. In his first move as the Palmarian antipope, Dominguez (now Gregory XVII) declared the newly elected Roman Catholic Pope John Paul II excommunicated. We will publish any reference to the book but make no comment on them. He imparted some of the strictest rules on the church’s members, limiting their clothing choices, forbidding going to the movies, and even dictating the number of cigarettes they could smoke per day. Following Peter II’s death, Gregory XVIII took over. In the recent 25th-anniversary issue of Immobilien Zeitschrift, a German magazine dedicated to the real estate business, there is an excellent article on the Palmarian Church, written by Friedhelm Feldhaus. I take his novels as interesting and fun to read but ill informed many times. On June 10, 2018, began a new, bizarre chapter in the history of the Palmarian Catholic Church. He read much of the recent texts on the church, but he also went to El Palmar, entered the basilica and interviewed a number of people in the town and elsewhere. Despite the fact that his claims were outright rejected by traditional Catholics, the new pope (Pope John Paul I), and the Vatican, Dominguez continued onward with his new doctrine. Then, I will say something about what “research” is or can be before I turn to my appraisal of Dan Brown’s assertions. As readers of this website will know, there has been dramatic changes in the Palmarian Church in the last three years. Think editing first, middle and last…, Spotlight, investigative journalism at its best. It includes 129 images. Though Dan Brown’s Origin is a work of fiction, as in earlier works in the Robert Langdon series, he claims that the book is based on thorough research. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. “El Palmar de Troya” includes four 55-minute episodes following the Palmarian phenomenon from the beginning in 1968 until today. Then, read about the craziest popes in the history of the Catholic Church. An evil, Catholic-adjacent cult, in this case the Palmarian Church, is behind some murders. Taken into account the rapid development during the last three years, I decided to write an enlarged version of A Pope of their Own, which follows the Palmarian Church until today. The Palmarian ex-pope Ginés Jesús Hernández (earlier known as Gregory XVIII) and his wife, Nieves Triviño climbed over the high walls of the church compound at Palmar de Troya. I have moved past the pain caused by this but the effects are still there in my family. A religious group known as the Palmarian Church plays a quite prominent role in Dan Brown’s most recent book Origin (2017.) Though none of Gregory XVIII’s claims have been proven, it seems his charge that the church is driven by a need for cash could be true. In December 2018, however, the Palmarians suddenly launched a professionally looking multilingual website: 20–22, 99–102, 112–113, 118–119, and 226–229). According to testimonies, they beat Bishop S with a hammer and threatened him and another bishop, J, with a knife. One can only ask why? His doctrine outlined the role of the Antichrist, whom he claimed would make himself known at the age of 12, then lie low until his 30th birthday after which he would begin his public life. Then, I will say something about what “research” is or can be before I turn to my appraisal of Dan Brown’s assertions. Born Gines Jesus Hernandez, Gregory XVIII was one of the Palmarian Church’s most staunch leaders. Dan Brown and the Palmarian Church, Or What is this Thing Called Research? Additionally, while Roman Catholic popes move up through the ranks and are selected by the College of Cardinals, the Palmarian pope is hand selected by Christ himself. Its Gothic cathedral stands alone and aloof, a sign of its rejection of Rome and the Vatican as the centre of Christianity. He’s focused on intrigue and murder, art and architecture, symbolism and mystery, close to the truth but far enough away to make for good fiction. Dan responds to the question, "What is the Palmarian Church?" Briefing document on the FWBO / Dublin Buddhist Centre (150K PDF), Cult Education (Formerly The Rick Ross database), Admin Letter: to the editor about John Tonner, Documentary on OneThe ‘Deadly’ Saris | Dialogue Ireland. 2011-2016) resigned the Palmarian papacy. Contact with the real world and its people is actively discouraged, and young people grow up in a very closed and sheltered environment, often with devastating effects that strangle their personal development. The more errors he includes – deliberately or not – the more people will talk, and the more books he will sell. Jump to. A religious group known as the Palmarian Church plays a quite prominent role in Dan Brown’s most recent book Origin (2017.) Sections of this page. I read your story avidly and much prefer a memoir to a novel. On February 19, 2020, the Spanish newspaper El Confidencial published a long interview with Ginés Jesús Hernández. However, at the centre of the plot is a little known religious organisation – the Palmarian Church. 1 Dan Brown and the Palmarian Church, Or What is this Thing Called Research? Though he was only recently a “bishop,” and nowhere near a Cardinal, he declared that he had been mystically crowned pope by Jesus Christ himself and that the conclave was no longer necessary. But Dan’s story doesn’t go there. He later claimed that he had lost the faith and that the whole church was a hoax. In 2016, just five years after assuming the papacy, Gregory XVIII stepped down suddenly. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Facebook. Still sounds intriguing, thanks for the review. Obviously, Dan Brown has never entered the Palmarian cathedral in Seville, Spain, never attended a Palmarian Mass, and never seen the Palmarian pope because his descriptions are mostly wrong. You see, the mother of Dan Brown’s main character is a Palmarian nun, called Paloma, which by-the-way is the Spanish word for ‘dove’, and in a religious sense represents the Holy Spirit.

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