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Former Twin Peaks star Ray Wise come on board Psych for a special episode. In 2009, he took a break to guest star, along with Jaleel White, in the season four episode "High Top Fade Out," as Gus' estranged college buddy. The episode also marked the debut of Kristy Swanson, the original Buffy, as Lassiter's criminal girlfriend Marlowe. Who knew they could sing and dance, the whole world does now. The tape is a backup copy of video footage from the night of the murder; the original tape was never found. And it was full blown for the fabulously funny cast of Psych. The Arrested Development star appeared in the season six episode "Neil Simon's Lover's Retreat" as businessman, wine enthusiast and murderer Jerry Kincaid, along with other guest stars Jason Priestley and Arden Myrin. Priscilla then shows them the office of Ruben Leonard (Alan Ruck), their roving reporter. Season Eight, Episode Three Deadline He also couldn't resist throwing in a little home country pride: "They're a credit to Canadian production.". She was the girl who stole Detective Lassiter's cold heart—and almost stole his blood. Turned out, Lassiter's new lady love had been helping her brother steal and sell rare blood, and she was sent to jail. Visit IMDb page Jeux concours | Morty knew that Hale liked to take ladies to the station after hours to seduce them and film his trysts. His gambling debt ends up sending both Lloyd and Henry to Mexico, where they participate in shoot-outs, almost get arrested, and are forced to dig their own graves. Despite her criminal record, Lassiter had fallen hard and over her six appearances throughout seasons six, seven, and eight, she was released from jail, married Lassiter, and eventually gave birth to his son in the back of a food truck. This Breakfast Club star was one we could probably have done without (or with a different role), as his character was not a very welcome addition to the group. After the first scene, it changes to green. But Lassiter reminds Shawn that they still need to do an autopsy to confirm it was murder and not natural causes. Connect with friends faster than ever with the new Facebook app. In season six's "This Episode Sucks," Feldman played a bartender working in a vampire bar, which is apparently a thing that does exist outside of Bon Temps, Louisiana. Written by: We then flash forward to the year 2006. ... Bueller? Hornstock gets Ruben worked up enough that he admits his hatred of Hale. Ex. With Which Family Would You LEAST Like to Spend the Holidays? ... Dana Ashbrook, Robyn Lively, and Ray Wise. However, she returned for three more episodes, including two more in the Yin/Yang saga, and 2013's Psych: The Musical, in which she died from a stab wound. So Morty covered his tracks by pinning the murder on Sandra. "Castle" va prochainement rendre hommage aux soaps dans un épisode spécial. He turns out to be innocent, which makes way for him to appear again in season five's Twin Peaks tribute episode, "Dual Spires," which also featured many other stars of the '90s cult drama. Shawn and Gus are convinced that Ruben is the killer, but they need hard evidence to prove it, so they head back to the news station. www.allocine.fr/personne/fichepersonne_gen_cpersonne=40081.html Ally Sheedy was the first of four Breakfast Club stars to appear on the show and her role was a doozy. CGU | He didn't last long, though, and Lassiter was then finally promoted to Chief of Police. Who knew Family Matters' Urkel could sing?! Psych is often at its best during its tribute episodes. Before he takes the stand, we see him talking to Shawn as a baby, telling him how important the jury is to a case and why. Filmographie Robert De Niro, Filmographie Brad Pitt, Contact | Hornstock brings her in for questioning. Amongst the more noticeable ones (in alphabetical order by last name of the actor/actress): In the first scene in the Psych office, the Psych logo on the window is blue for the first shot. : Shawn spots an attractive woman seated in the hallway. The Twin Peaks alum first debuted in the season four episode, "The Devil Is In The Details...And The Upstairs Bedroom," as Father Peter Westley, a priest accused of murdering a supposedly possessed girl. Whether paying tribute to beloved films or television series, the long-running dramedy crime procedural always has a keen eye for detail and for both celebrating and parodying what it's commenting on. 7 Worst: Think Tank. Simply because that fun permeated the whole show season after season. ... Ray Wise. Shawn notices that Hornstock is nervous and discombobulated and perhaps in need of some help. Revue de presse | They said that it lacked any of the humor that made the rest of the series wonderful and felt "procedural". "Remake A.K.A. While she was far less fashionable and much more fun than Olivia Pope has ever been, we are pretty sure Olivia could get behind Mira's choice for a wedding venue: a winery! the Day "The most inviting and enthusiastic cast and crew. A great afternoon spent in the Interrogation room! They search Ruben's office, and Shawn finds the murder weapon hiding above the ceiling tiles. Ruben has since taken over as temporary weatherman, which leads Shawn to believe Ruben could have murdered Hale because he wanted his job. Quelle est filmographie de Ray Wise? Episode Guide Who knew they could sing and dance, the whole world does now. Ray Wise full list of movies and tv shows in theaters, in production and upcoming films. Shawn shows the court the tape again and explains that Morty knew he could kill Hale and get away with it by wearing a green suit that would conceal his identity when in front of the green screen. It was a nerdy '90s girl/guy's dream come true and it was beautiful. Canadian Comedy ‘Jann’ Heads To U.S. With Hulu; Borat London Stunt; Weta Digital Hire; Horror ‘Beast Mode’ Gets North America Deal – Global Briefs, 18 October 2020 William Shatner played Juliet's charming criminal of a father, Frank O'Hara, in two season six episodes, "In For A Penny," and "Heeeeere's Lassie." After watching the clip, Shawn believes Sandra is innocent and worries her lawyer may not be capable of proving her innocence. Shawn presents evidence that paints the story of what really happened: Morty was convinced that the reason why Connie wanted a divorce was because she was having an affair with Hale. I was immediately sold," the Veep star shared. When Sandra's picture is displayed on TV, Shawn and Gus are shocked to see that she's the same nice woman they met in the courthouse earlier that day. This is a nod to it being blue in season one. Jaleel White, of "Did I do that?" Of all the '80s movies, there was one that Psych (and Shawn especially) obsessed over to the point of getting four of the five stars to guest star on the show. She shows them where the murder took place: in front of the green screen Hale used when reporting the weather. We begin the episode with a flashback to 1981. Titled "Dual Spires," it pays homage to that classic series. You may know him as Scandal's David Rosen, or even as The West Wing's Will Bailey, or from one of his many other roles over the years. October Horrors 2020 – Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (1992), 10 October 2020 However, his appearance in two episodes of season five—"Shawn 2.0" and "One, Maybe Two Ways Out"—gave Shawn the little boost of urgency he needed to finally express his feelings to Jules and the rest is Psych history. It was a veritable treasure chest of references and strange nostalgia and it was wonderful. Nestor Carbonell of Lost (and eyeliner) fame played Declan Rand, a rich, famous, and successful version of Shawn who used his own fake psychic skills as a criminal profiler. They first meet with Connie and Morty. Hornstock is impressed with Shawn's insight and lets them stay on the case to help out. Apparently, it's not hard to keep Hale happy on a job like Psych: "The lead actors took us all out for sushi the first night I was there. It didn't feel like work, but rather like actor camp. Back in the courtroom, Hornstock has Ruben on the stand. Recrutement | I'm so glad I played Leland Palmer, I can't even tell you. I also loved the contrast of pretending to be in sunny Santa Barbara whilst it poured rain in Vancouver. The other star of the seminal 1999 teen rom-com She's All That showed up on Psych to play Gus and Shawn's nerdy friend Dennis in the one and only time we've ever heard of this so-called friend—the season five episode, "Not Even Close...Encounters.". The Mod Squad actress played the present-day version of Scarlett Jones, the girlfriend of infamous Santa Barbara mobster Rodney Caruso, in the season eight episode "1967: A Psych Odyssey." Shawn thinks it's Hornstock's tie that is putting her off. 1947 Air date: The leading man of Beverly Hills, 90210 may have played a con man when he showed up on Psych in season six's "Neil Simon's Lover's Retreat," but it didn't make us love him any less—especially when he turned out not to be the murderer. Préférences cookies | Previous: He was also the worst, because he managed to woo Juliet. Practically every character in this episode is played by an actor that has previously guest-starred on Psych. His voice, combined with the sounds of Dule Hill and Kenan Thompson ("High Top Fade Out") or Mekhi Phifer ("Let's Doo-Wop It Again") and sometimes even James Roday, could put us to sleep in the best way.

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