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Ultimately, Ryan very much prefers the technical, back-end aspects of film making. "Even our divorce, because it's you, we took it in stride. But as NOC flourished, generating over 800 million cumulative views and landing the pair on Forbes' 30 Under 30 Asia list in 2016, they grew apart. While NOC’s video is clearly a comedy, this 49-minute one titled “Being A Single Divorced Woman At 32” is a lot more introspective. Ryan only appears towards the end. Everyone did a quick clap after “Z” to satisfy the kid, and he took that as a sign to continue the last bit of the song. Her colleagues would get bombarded with questions from suspecting fans and even clients regarding her relationship with Ryan, and they wouldn’t know how to give an answer. In the 1 hour 13 minute episode on The Team Titan Show, Ryan shares his own struggles with the divorce, how being in the spotlight affected him negatively, and how working together with Sylvia took a toll on their relationship. Now, as family, what could possibly stop us?". 3,221 Followers, 1,465 Following, 396 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Sylvia Ryan (@sylvryan) This is also mentioned in the third video, "Ryan Tan Opens Up About His Divorce", which was uploaded on YouTube account TEAM TITAN, owned by fellow social media star Jianhao Tan. Posted on Night Owl Cinematics’ YouTube account, the video shows Ryan as Xi Guay Ong - his crybaby screen persona with an iconic watermelon helmet - looking distraught in the thumbnail. And that’s exactly what both of them have been doing. ", If you don’t like our faces, listen to our fortnightly podcast E-Junkies where we lepak one corner with famous people, Your daily good stuff - AsiaOne stories delivered straight to your inbox, AsiaOne Online Pte Ltd. Company Registration No. "Of course, I am deeply thankful for the success we had found in NOC, and I guess it has become a double-edged sword.". Currently has 2033 Insta posts and approx. He says that he will be happy for Sylvia if she remarries, and also sounds ready to look for love himself. : 201815023K, generating over 800 million cumulative views. Turns out, he only wanted to be behind the camera, and his initial appearances in NOC's videos were only small non-speaking cameos. The pair, now 32, had met at 16 and started dating five years later, Tan recounted in the 45-minute video, breaking into tears at times. At the moment he ranked at the 33th place on the top list based on photo likes. We hope that Ryan and Sylvia will be find their own happiness and one day fall in love again - even if not with each other. Although it has been 3 years of healing for the couple, Ryan acknowledges that it's been just a short while for the public, so it is understandable that many fans still cannot wrap their minds around the idea of the breakup. The ex-couple have since posted at least 3 more breakup-related videos, amassing thousands of views. Read on to find out more about Ryan and Sylvia’s post-divorce videos. [embed]https://www.instagram.com/p/CA4ScxepdWf/[/embed], One wrote: "Life is hard and a breakdown of a marriage makes it harder. KSAT reached out to the city for a statement. View this post on Instagram *Hugs* We each and everyone of you guys so much. According to her, all her mum knows about divorce is from Taiwanese dramas where everyone is screaming and crying all the time, and is thus naturally extra concerned. Durfee High School. Ryan Sylvia = NOC = 1 Business. Apart from the joint video, Ryan and Sylvia also took to their own Instagram accounts to post separate dedications to each other. When she broke the news, her mum froze, and in that moment of heavy silence, her young nephew thought it was his cue to start singing the “ABC” song in slow motion! In fact, since their separation three years ago, their working relationship has improved, Tan added. Initially, she wanted to tell them in person, but the COVID-19 circuit breaker happened and everything got delayed. Not wanting to let their staff struggle with being caught in the middle, she and ex-husband Ryan finally chose to film the divorce announcement video, with encouragement from close friend Dee Kosh. See Photos. Ryan Sylvia. Find your friends on Facebook.

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