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The Vienna lager lands in a place where it’s toastier than pale German lagers but nowhere near the caramel and melanoidin-heavy richness of “modern” Oktoberfest. Clone for Harp Lager: German-Style Pilsener: 5%: 28: Deep gold lager with a nice large head. The best examples of Vienna lager are like drinking a liquid version of dry toast. Excellently hopped beer that is growing in popularity. Beer Name: West Coast Brewer Squanto’s Pilsner West Coast Brewer Squanto’s Pilsner Recipe Beer Photo Beer Style: Pilsner Recipe Type: All Grain Batch Size: 5 Gallons Mash Type: Infusion (60 Min) 151F (10 Min) 168F Mash Out Grain Bill: 11 LBS German Pilsner Malt 8 … Citra Double IPA Homebrew Recipe We brewed this Citra hopped double IPA with our 10 gallon 240 volt system. We used 18.2 pounds (8kg 255.4g) of grain for this beer, which showed once again that a 10.5 gallon (39.7 liter) kettle is versatile enough to brew beers on the larger end of the ABV spectrum. Salzburger Vienna Lager Recipe. Choose from the growing list of IPA beer styles, get familiar with the fundamentals of the IPA you’ll be brewing, collect tips on brewing an IPA recipe, and decide on whether to follow an extract, partial mash, or all grain IPA recipe. American-Style India Pale Ale: 6.2%: 90: Surly Furious is a beer from a microbrewery in MN.

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