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I was only thinking of human kindness Casey Foubert: bass guitar, Is someone gonna cut me some slack? But now it strengthens me to know the truth at last Casey Foubert: bass guitar* Includes 2xLP in clear vinyl, tip-on gatefold jacket, and 16-page booklet of original drawings by Sufjan Stevens. On “Tell Me You Love Me”, he opens with the line, “My love, I’ve lost my faith in everything.”. So go ahead and play your video game Oh my heart receives you now Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. I am lost, forgive me. Cover art and album design by Sufjan Stevens. James McAlister: additional drums and percussion* and vocal cut-up effects*, “TELL ME YOU LOVE ME” Shall you refuse me? The Ascension will be available on streaming, digital, CD, cassette, 2xLP black vinyl, and first-pressing 2xLP clear vinyl with tip-on gatefold. And as the world turns making such a mess Right now I could use a change of plans Listening to The Age of Adz in 2020 can almost be overwhelming. I am the future, define the future Death Star 12. Watch me now and take the bait Death star into space Move like the waters I cannot drink You get me out of this and I’ll give you access Pick up a copy of Sufjan Stevens’ The Ascension here. The day of rest has now arrived What you call the human race Video Game 4. Whereas some artists have come across as self-indulgent when aiming for the profound — for instance, Father John Misty’s slightly bloated Pure Comedy and Arcade Fire’s gauche Everything Now — Stevens never misses the mark. Oh my heart will fantasize of Eden Sufjan Stevens : drums and percussion, Tempest, Prophet 08, Prophet 6, vocals I’m gonna love you every day. Go on wipe that look off your face My love, I wish I was a photograph Casey Foubert: lead electric guitar, bass guitar, “GILGAMESH” What you call the human race And I’m definitely gonna do it “I don’t wanna play your video game,” Stevens sings on “Video Game”. Put my head between my knees It was something of a reinvention To think I was asking for a reason I am the future, define the future From the throes of our persuasion The Good: The Ascension is one of Sufjan Stevens’ grandest… Is this the way you make me ask for something more? My love, I’ve lost my faith in everything Let’s take walk in the circle of light It was something of a phantom synapsis Goodbye to all of that artifact And all the consequences Make me an offer I cannot refuse All songs written, recorded and produced by Sufjan Stevens. The rise of the tide Reach out for what remains at hand The title track on The Ascension is one of the best songs Sufjan Stevens has ever written. When I was just angry and depressed Love me the first time, love me the last time Take me into all of your lamentations Is all for nothing? A season of pain and hopelessness A new horizon Opener “Make Me an Offer I Cannot Refuse” takes its time to simmer into a tempest of syncopated percussion and synth feedback. Take a breath now breathe, my lover Essential Tracks: “Run Away With Me,” “Landslide,” and “America”. Make me an offer I cannot refuse Well I’m just glad that I’m still alive “Landslide” is another standout, merging the subdued lamentations of Carrie & Lowell with the electro-pop of The Age of Adz. “I’ve grown old and world-weary,” he said. Goodbye To All That 13… Prophet 08, Prophet 6, electric guitar, piano, vocals Witness me resist the hate Sufjan Stevens is a singer-songwriter living in New York City. It’s your own damn head on that plate Ursa Major 9. And I say love What’s the point of it when everything’s dispossessed? My love, my dream, make love to me © 2020 SUFJAN STEVENS MUSIC/ASCAP Goodbye to that Vandalize what you create I saw your body and I saw what I liked You’re all I ever need Goodbye to everything out of whack © 2020 Sufjan Stevens Music/ASCAP Goodbye to all of that artifact Nothing is left of me, all of this is vertigo Sufjan Stevens repeats that line like it's more a mantra than a chorus on "America," the 12-and-a-half-minute final track on his epic-scale 2020 album The Ascension. But, despite its extensive length, Stevens wastes no time. Trash talk, violate it Is it all part of a plan? I wanna love you, I wanna love you Make me an offer I cannot refuse Death star into space The Verdict: For a songwriter whose discography includes masterpieces such as Illinois, Carrie & Lowell, and Michigan, it’s an accomplishment on Stevens’ part to have created a record two decades into his career that rivals his best work. We step in the light And I say love While you did it all with hopelessness You took my breath away, Itook my time Put the lotion in the basket In the time since then, he’s released a collaborative concept album about the solar system alongside James McAlister, Nico Muhly, and The National’s Bryce Dessner. Move through to me Trash talk, violate it Tranquilize me and revise me, Ativan Tell me you love me anyway A new communion Though it’s still an incredible album, The Ascension better suits the cynicism of 2020. (My leading woman) Come on baby gimme some sugar I thought I was called in convocation Expedite the judgment day © 2020 Sufjan Stevens Music/ASCAP Now that it’s too late to have died a young man Make me an offer I cannot refuse And to everything there is no meaning Lord, I ask for patience now Favorite track: Make Me An Offer I Cannot Refuse. Is it all part of a plan? Put my feelings on the table Is that the weight of the world on your back? electric guitar,Prophet 08, Prophet 6, Prophet X, The Ascension by Sufjan Stevens, released 25 September 2020 1. Tell me you love me I have lost my preference Landslide 10. I’m disenchanted.” That sense of despair rings through here, reflecting the disillusionment with our reality. Something to write upon my grave But now it strikes me far too late again Death star into space Its subject matter is melancholy and cynical, and, clocking in at just over 80 minutes, this is also an enormous record. Explaining why everything’s a total mess

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