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Girl, it's killin' me Who do you love? Who? If you can't say that I'm the one for sure Baby, I just got to know the answer Just be true to who you are Who do you love? [Chorus: All] [Refrain: All, Jooheon] “The song is at once a song about heartbreak and acceptance, one where you realize the person you fell in love with has changed, and is no…. 'Cause I can't take the pressure anymore Who? Who? Who do you love? They also used the song to begin their set at 12-12-12: The Concert for Sandy Relief on 12 December 2012. In the heat of the moment A promotional video was filmed on 9 May 1978 for The Kids Are Alright documentary; originally, the intent was to have The Who simply mime to the single version's backing track with Roger Daltrey adding live vocals, but the decision was made to also re-record the guitars, backing vocals, drums, and piano. Like "woo", just go, and leave me alone The song is an alternative R&B song driven by a blend of sleek bass, snappy beats, and shimmering synths. It's okay not to be okay Who are you? One you’ve had a look our list, tell us your favourite songs and lyrics with us via Facebook and Twitter. I’m a child of God Why am I doing this to myself? I am who You say I am [6] In later performances, Roger Daltrey also plays acoustic rhythm guitar. Who do you love? Free at last sales+streaming figures based on certification alone, "Singles | Whotabs | The Who Tabs Guitar Bass Drums", "The Hypertext Who : Liner Notes : Who Are You", "Radio Industry News, Music Industry Updates, Nielsen Ratings, Music News and more! "Who Are You" was released as a double-A side with the John Entwistle song, "Had Enough", but "Who Are You" was the more popular song, reaching the Top 20 in both the US and UK. [몬스타엑스 - WHO DO YOU LOVE? If you can't say that I'm the one for sure Words and Music by Ben Fielding & Reuben Morgan, VERSE 1 The single mix contains an alternate acoustic guitar solo to the album mix. Who am I that the highest King Who do you love? However, as explained by Townshend in his autobiography Who I Am, the last verse is about an early incident, that happened on the last North American leg of the 1971 tour: the day before the first concert in Charlotte, North Carolina, Townshend took the opportunity to visit the Meher Spiritual Center—a retreat owned by his guru Meher Baba—in nearby Myrtle Beach.[4]. Real talk, real life, good love, goodnight Brushing my hair, do I look perfect? Than you’ve ever been? Who do you love? 'Cause you're not the girl I fell in love with, baby Who are you? In one sense the song is more about the demands of new friendship than blood-letting challenge. Sometimes it's hard, to follow your heart Lyrics to 'La Vie En Rose (english)' by Paula Cole: Hold me close and hold me fast This magic spell you cast This is la vie en rose When you kiss me, Heaven sighs And though I close my eyes ", This is so beautiful their voices matches e/o so well it sounds heavenly, ok guys…I’m soo excited. Who do you love? Tears don't mean you're losing, everybody's bruising The album version includes a third verse compared to the much shorter single. Sometimes it's hard, to follow your heart Don't lose who you are, in the blur of the stars Seeing is deceiving, dreaming is believing It's okay not to be okay Sometimes it's hard, to follow your heart But tears don't mean you're losing, everybody's bruising. . I’m confused on why Dani Corbean and Jonah we’re credited. It was written by Pete Townshend and released as a double-A sided single with the John Entwistle composition "Had Enough", also featured on the album. Who do you love? (Who do you love) Yes I am, VERSE 2 Ayy, I'ma need me a new thing (Thing) "Who Are You" is the title track on The Who's 1978 album, Who Are You, the last album released by the group before Keith Moon's death in September 1978. Who do you love? Oh His love for me, CHORUS Girl, it's killin' me Who the Son sets free Who? Seeing is deceiving, dreaming is believing, It's okay not to be okay. Now you know the benefits of listening to music in English, here are some of our favourite lyrics to some of our favourite songs. Oh His love for me

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