worst county jails in america

The audit, which found that one prisoner was allowed to rot to death from gangrene, formed the basis of a 2008 class-action lawsuit brought by the ACLU's National Prison Project. ”Inmates reported being in fear of retaliation by staff if they reject staff's sexual advances. The basics: New Orleans' barbaric city jail first hit the national radar after Hurricane Katrina, when thousands of inmates were abandoned for days in flooded cells without food, water, ventilation, or electricity — some of them were ”standing in sewage-tainted water up to their chests,“ according to the ACLU [13]. Almost half of all prisoners at OPP are pretrial, accused but not convicted of crimes. Graves detailed for the senators some of the profoundly erratic behavior of his fellow prisoners. According to the Correctional Association of New York, which has a legislative mandate to track prison conditions, Attica is plagued by staff-on-prisoner violence, intimidation, and sexual abuse. All rights reserved. Communications Management Units (Marion, Illinois, and Terre Haute, Indiana): These two federal prisons-within-prisons, whose populations are more than two-thirds Muslim, were opened secretly by the Bureau of Prisons during the Bush administration, according to the Center for Constitutional Rights, which is challenging the facilities in a federal lawsuit. That’s scary stabbings and beatings that’s bad but when you get a bunch of men locked up and there’s viagra floating around it’s not good. There’s a reason for documentaries and movies have made about this place. The other was to die. In 2008, an epileptic 32-year-old detainee named Jesus Manuel Galindo died of a seizure in his solitary confinement cell. Get our free newsletter now. Suicide attempts are common; many have been successful. As one of the country’s most famous correctional facilities Rikers Island has a reputation of all kinds of violence between prisoners and towards guards. 5] MEN'S CENTRAL JAIL AND TWIN TOWERS CORRECTIONAL FACILITY (LOS ANGELES), Who's in charge: Ralph G. Ornelas and Randal J. Stover, jail captains; Lee Baca, LA County sheriff. Some mutilate their bodies with razors, shards of glass, sharpened chicken bones, writing utensils, and whatever other objects they can obtain. Double your impact today! And that is where most violence occurs. All of this took place under the management of private prison conglomerate the GEO Group. 9] WALNUT GROVE YOUTH CORRECTIONAL FACILITY (LEAKE COUNTY, MISSISSIPPI), Number of prisoners: Capacity 1,450 (actual population in flux), Who's in charge: (current) Lawrence Mack, warden; (former) George Zoley, CEO, the GEO Group; Christopher B. Epps, commissioner, Mississippi Department of Corrections. (He did not, however, address the ACLU's claim that prisoners who complained were placed in solitary, or a follow-up question asking whether GEO Group employees are in a position to determine which prisoners get access to medical staff when they complain of a problem.) Two of the facility's guards pleaded guilty to assault and to charges related to running the extortion program, although the DA presented no evidence connecting them to Robinson's death. This barbed wire resort hosts many of the most dangerous criminals in the world. “OPP is a violent and dangerous institution,” it stated, with “widespread sexual assaults.” The facility, it goes on, “is deliberately indifferent to prisoners with serious medical and mental health needs.”. While the BOP chose not to investigate Galindo's death, officials at Reeves identified several rioters, who were prosecuted and given additional time behind bars. One officer actually died at the hands of rioting convicts in the riots early stages, the rest died by gunfire when state troopers and other retired officers retook the prison. To humiliate his charges, Arpaio dresses them in old-school chain-gang stripes, and forces male prisoners to don pink underpants — a detail that has scored him some points among locals. The country with the least amount of citizens in jail in San Marino with 3 that’s right they’ve only got 3 dudes in jail right now. A fourth was found dead after allegedly being beaten and pepper sprayed (PDF [15]). Jean Casella is a writer, editor, and consultant to mission-driven media projects. Ely State Prison (Ely, Nevada): A “shocking and callous disregard for human life” is how an auditor described medical care at Ely, which houses the state's death row along with other maximum security prisoners (PDF). Still others spread feces and other human waste and body fluids throughout their cells, throw it at the correctional staff and otherwise create health hazards at ADX. Overcrowded and understaffed, Reeves has a reputation for horrifically inadequate medical care. “I would watch guys come to prison totally sane and in three years they don't live in the real world anymore,” recalled Graves, who was exonerated in 2010, after spending more than 18 years on death row. (See this county press release (PDF) for an event celebrating its 20th year.) It is perhaps no wonder that Dallas insurance executive Charles Terrell asked to have his name removed from the facility after it became death row. May 19th 2012. Mr Hosac banters with a few inmates, but warns under his breath that “some save a cup of faeces and throw it.”. The women of Tutwiler, EJI executive director Bryan Stevenson told Birmingham TV station WBRC, live with ”this fear that you're always at risk, that it's not safe to take a shower, that it's not safe to go to sleep when certain officers are in the dorm, that you can be extorted, that you can be manipulated into sexual favors, it's really horrific.“, The backlash: In December, federal judge Myron Thompson sided with prisoners in a lawsuit brought by the ACLU's National Prison Project and ordered the facility to end its quarantine policy. Additional deputies often pile on, sometimes after being alerted to the action on their walkie-talkies. Lee Baca, the sheriff, is fighting to reassert control and has said he might even close the jail down. These, however, are the fates of thousands of prisoners every year — men, women, and children housed in lockups that give Gitmo and Abu Ghraib a run for their money. And it’s one of the only two facilities in the nation that has a communications management unit. Last May, the Center for Constitutional Rights and other advocacy groups filed a lawsuit on behalf of a group of hunger strike participants who ”reported viewing the possibility of death by starvation as a worthwhile risk in light of their current situation.“ SHU prisoners have promised to renew their hunger strike this July — read their letter to the authorities here (PDF). The backlash: A 2010 lawsuit filed in the Galindo case by the ACLU of Texas (PDF) alleged that the prison kept costs down by withholding appropriate medical care — prisoners told ACLU investigators that they routinely would be given ”two Tylenol“ when they complained of serious medical problems, including stomach ulcers, blood in the urine or stool, lumps that appeared to be spreading, and various previously diagnosed chronic and serious conditions; those who pushed for better treatment ended up in solitary. 7] JULIA TITWILER PRISON (WETUMPKA, ALABAMA), Who's in charge: Bobby Barrett, warden (recently replaced longtime warden Frank Albright); Kim Thomas, commissioner, Alabama Department of Corrections, The basics: This maximum-security lockup near Montgomery includes women's death row. Last September, the pattern of abuse documented by the ACLU was confirmed in a scathing 194-page report by a blue-ribbon commission convened by the LA County Board of Supervisors. Many of those housed at ADX are Muslims serving time for low-level terrorism offenses — such as Syed Fahad Hashmi, convicted of helping to supply Al Qaeda with socks and rain ponchos. It’s not a pleasant place to be but the good news is you have about 5,000 friends to hang out. And the FBI is investigating allegations that guards not only abused inmates but formed their own gangs. In an interview with Mother Jones, Sheriff Gusman and jail doctor Samuel Gore disputed some of these details. Some of the prisoners said they ”do not feel physically or sexually safe in this facility,“ the report noted. These dishonorable mentions make up the final installment of our 11-part series, a subjective ranking based on three years of research, correspondence with prisoners, and interviews with reform advocates concerning the penal facilities with the grimmest claims to infamy.

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