Tine Lundsfryd -Elfi von Kantzow Alvin Art Award

Tine Lundsfryd in front of, “Green Painting” 2007-8 oil, pencil & chalk on cotton 54 x 54 inches

Tine Lundsfryd receives the 3rd Elfi von Kantzow Alvin Art Award

Awarded to a woman visual artist with outstanding talent, vision and perseverance with strong ties to one of the 5 the Nordic countries.

Instituted by the American Scandinavian Society in 2019, the Elfi Art Award honors and continues in the spirit of Elfi’s tireless efforts for Scandinavian artists and the Scandinavian community in New York for over 60 years. As an accomplished artist, costume, set and interior designer, Elfi founded the Art Program of the American Scandinavian Foundation on 73rd street in 1978 and continued with the American Scandinavian Society. She curated 85 exhibitions featuring more than 250 artists from the 5 Nordic Countries for over 38 years on behalf of these organizations. She was committed to giving Scandinavian artists a chance to be seen and exhibited in NYC. Elfi was known as ‘the fairy godmother of Scandinavian artists’ and for her multitude of contributions to Scandinavian culture in the US, was awarded a gold medal from the King of Sweden as well as the Finnish Order of the Lion, and honored by the Danish American Society.

The Elfi Art Award program is chaired by her daughter, Curator, Art Consultant and Collector Anita Alvin Nilert. The first recipient was Norwegian- NY based Eva Faye, the second was Swedish- NY based Mia Enell.


Tine Lundsfryd lives and works in Brooklyn. She was born and  raised on the Island of Falster in Denmark. Growing up in a family of nature lovers, much of her youth was spent on the many beaches and countless little forests the island has to offer. From an early age Tine was interested in the Arts, studying music/voice and theater before focusing primarily on visual art. In Copenhagen she studied with the Danish artist Carsten Dinnsen, as well as some studies of art from the perspective of Anthroposophy.  Tine moved to New York and enrolled at the New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture and holds an MFA from the Parsons School of Design.

Over her three decades in New York City, Tine has continued to explore the field of abstract painting, in particular the fields of geometric abstraction and process painting. Loosely drawn shapes and marks become more rigorously formed elements on the canvas. These elements shape metaphors for a narrative – of a world both seen and experienced in nature – as well as in an engagement in the history of human culture as a way of communication. References abound, from the Decorative Arts, pattern and ornamentation, as well as religious/non-religious symbolism. 

Tine has exhibited widely and received numerous awards and grants including the Purchase Prize from the American Institute of Arts and Letters, the Helena Rubinstein Foundation, Knud Hoejgaards Fond, the Thomas Edison Foundation -Chautauqua Institution Fund, as well as a Cultural Grant from the American Scandinavian Society in 2000.